Best Ice Cream Maker (Ninja vs Cuisinart vs Breville vs Yonanas)

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Looking for an ice cream maker best for home use? There are lots of electric ice cream makers to choose from, but finding the right one is tough with so many options. We’re going to help you sort it out by comparing the best ice cream machines and showing you which is best. Be sure to check out the individual reviews for more info on these models and how they compare against each other.

Ninja Creami

If you’ve seen other Ninja products, then you know how their appliances focus on innovation and power. The Ninja Creami ice cream maker is their newest invention and it’s wonderful for making all sorts of frozen treats. You can now transform nearly anything into ice cream, smoothies, gelato, milkshakes, and much more.

Plus, the compact size makes this easy to fit on any countertop. You get personal pint containers, so you’ll have no problem making, storing, and eating your frozen treats. This is one of the best ice cream makers for kids because it’s safe and fun to use.

There are 7 programs to choose from. There’s ice cream, sorbet, milkshake, gelato, lite ice cream, smoothie bowl, and mix-in. Plus, the unique Creamify Technology churns and shaves ice particles to make creamy treats no matter what the base ingredients are. Want your ice cream super soft? The re-spin feature allows you to make your treat smoother and creamier.

Looking for Ninja Creami recipes? You get a recipe guide with over 30 recipes, and truth be told, nearly anything can be turned into a frozen treat with this ice cream machine.

Cuisinart Mix It In

If you’re looking for a fun ice cream maker for kids, then this is the best one for you! The Cuisinart ice cream maker not only makes soft serve that’s creamy and delicious, but it has three mix in containers for fun additions like sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookie crumbles, and more. You even get a cone holder if you want to dispense the soft serve right in the cone.

While parental supervision is needed, this is an easy ice cream maker for home use. Open the top, fill the 1.5 quart freezer bowl with your favorite ingredients, and let it churn out the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever made.

Adding the mix-ins is simple. Push the little button and they’ll be fed right into the bowl or cone. Both kids and adults will love how simple this is to use, and it’s amazing for anyone who wants their frozen treats to be full of yummy additions.

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker

This model is different from the others, and you might be curious about ice cream maker how to use when looking at this accessory. Unlike the others here that are stand-alone models, this is an accessory that fits most Kitchenaid Tilt-Head Stand Mixers. Speaking of which, we reviewed some of the best Kitchen mixers if you’re curious about them.

So, how does this ice cream maker for Kitchenaid work? The bowl connects right to the mixer and allows you to churn up to 2 quarts of frozen treats. From creamy soft serve to really firm ice cream. You’ll be able to make these, sorbets, gelatos, and more in less than 30 minutes. Simply connect to the mixer, add the ingredients, and start mixing. Kitchenaid with ice cream maker gets right to work mixing and beating your ingredients into a lovely frozen treat.

This is the newest iteration of their ice cream mixing bowl. It does a far better job at scraping the sides and ensuring even freezing for all your tasty ingredients. If you already have a Kitchenaid mixer or are thinking of getting one, then this is one of the best ice cream machines for home.

Breville Smart Scoop

This is basically a commercial ice cream maker, but made for home use. For those who are very particular about their frozen treats (especially if you want control over hardness, or if you want extremely smooth ice cream), then this is the right machine for you. It’s more expensive, but that’s only because it offers so much more power.

This 1.5 quart ice cream machine comes with 12 hardness settings for gelato, sorbets, frozen yogurt, and more. It also comes with a compressor and you can choose between manual or automatic functionality.

Another massive benefit is the pre-cool setting which ensures everything is at the right temperature before churning. Once again, this is the right machine for those who are very particular about their frozen treats.

If you need your ice cream, sorbets, or gelatos a certain way and you don’t want to compromise (and why should you?), then this is definitely the right machine for you.

Yonanas Classic Vegan Dessert Maker

The Yonanas 902 vegan ice cream maker is a very unique appliance here, and it’s the best vegan ice cream maker you can find. Not only has the Yonanas brand been around for a while, but the machine is made specifically to handle frozen fruits, which is ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

In many ways this is like a juicer, but it makes frozen treats rather than juice. You slide frozen bananas and other fruits down the chute. Then simply push down and the powerful motor will chop the frozen fruits to have a sorbet or ice cream consistency. You can make vegan sorbets with no added milk, fats, sugars, or other ingredients.

If you’re looking for the healthiest ice cream maker, then this is it. This works with bananas, oranges, berries, kiwis, and much more. Not only that, but it doesn’t have a strict capacity limit. Most of the other machines here can only make a certain amount of ice cream at a time. Yonanas allows you to keep chopping fruit until you have enough dessert for yourself, your partner, or even the whole family.

What Ice Cream Maker is Best?

We’re not going to do a quick review based on all the brands here. We have included links to reviews that we have written the delve deeper into the subject, so please click those for more information.

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