Ninja Creami vs Yonanas (Best Vegan Ice Cream Maker)

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If you’re looking for the best vegan ice cream maker, then we’re here to help. While many electric ice cream makers can make vegan ice cream, all it takes is the right recipe, there are few that really specialize in it. Our Ninja Creami vs Yonanas review will compare these two to see which is best for your needs. One of these is exclusively vegan while the other easily makes vegan treats.

Our Yonanas vs Ninja Creami review will compare these based on features, settings, capacity, freezing type, and other differences.

We think that Ninja Creami is much more versatile and it can work with any ingredients, but Yonanas is exclusively vegan and more affordable.

Ninja CreamiYonanas Maker


The first thing to consider is features. Both of these vegan ice cream machines come with different features, and this will help you determine what you’re getting with each model. Consider this an overlook of what you’ll get with each appliance. We’ll dive deeper into how they compare in the following sections.

What is Ninja Creami?

Many people are curious about this, and they also want to know what does Ninja Creami do? It’s an ice cream machine that takes all the innovation of Ninja and puts it into frozen treats. You get individual pint containers, which is perfect if you want to make different flavors (like pineapple sorbet or coconut milk chocolate ice cream), and the container stores the ice cream with ease.

You get seven different one-touch options for ice cream, sorbet, smoothies, and more. This is an incredibly easy and versatile system that anyone can use. It even comes with a detailed recipe guide so that you can make any flavor you can think of, plus there are many recipes online.

Increasing the capacity is simple. You can buy the pint containers individually. Each one gives you another pint.

While it works great with vegan ingredients, this appliance works with nearly anything. Many people loved the Ninja Creami commercial and how it showed a regular can of pineapples in syrup becoming a delectable sorbet. It’s very easy to use and the results speak for themselves.

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What is Yonanas Maker?

The Yonanas 902AB Classic Vegan Non-Dairy Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Dessert Maker is a surprisingly simple vegan ice cream maker that creates delicious treats from frozen fruit. It’s like a juicer, but it chops and blends the fruit to give it an ice cream texture.

While bananas tend to work best, there are many fruits you can use while getting delicious results. Simply freeze the fruit and feed it through the top. It’s that easy. You’ll hear the machine as it chops the produce and turns it into delicious ice cream. Just keep adding fruit until you have enough ice cream for yourself, your kids, and anyone else.

Be sure to follow the instructions though to get the right texture. You should be adding produce in different orders to make it more ice cream like, so be sure to read through before throwing frozen fruit in there.

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Most electric home ice cream makers have different settings. These allow you to change the firmness, texture, or to work with different ingredients. Ninja Creami wins this because you get seven settings while Yonanas technically has none.

Ninja Creami has seven one-touch features for ice cream, lite ice cream, gelato, sorbet, milkshake (or milkless milk shakes, depending on your ingredients), smoothies, and mix-in. This allows you to get the right texture no matter what your preferences are.

There’s also a respin feature. This respins the ice cream and improves the texture. If you like your ice cream really fluffy and soft, then you’ll love this extra setting.

Yonanas doesn’t have any settings. It has an on and off button, that’s it. Turn it on and feed in the frozen fruit. While the results are delicious, this may not be enough for those who want control over their frozen treats.

Those who aren’t picky may enjoy Yonanas, but we found Ninja Creami to be significantly better.

Ninja CreamiYonanas Maker

Yonanas vs Ninja Creami: Capacity

Another thing you want to check with vegan home ice cream machines is the capacity. How much ice cream can you make at once? While we could say that Yonanas is “unlimited”, we think that Ninja Creami is better here for a few reasons.

Ninja Creami comes with pint containers. If you’ve seen other Ninja appliances, then you know that they often give you personal containers that double as blending cups. That logic applies here. You add your ingredients to the container, blend it, and now you have a pint of ice cream.

You get two containers, which effectively allows you to make 1qt of ice cream. Plus, you can easily separate the flavors if you want two radically different ice creams. You can also buy other containers and keep adding to the maximum capacity. Not only that, but the machine churns quickly and it often only takes a few minutes before your ice cream is ready.

Yonanas doesn’t have a capacity limit. Like with a juicer, it will keep making ice cream as long as you have fruit to feed into it. That being said, we found that the process is a little slower than Ninja, and you can only feed a small amount of fruit at a time. While you can keep making ice cream, it often takes longer and requires more effort.

Both are good, but we have to side with Ninja Creami ice cream maker on this one.

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Ninja Creami vs Yonanas: Freezing Type

Both of these are passive ice cream machines, meaning that they lack a compressor and can’t freeze ingredients on their own. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you need to freeze the ingredients in your freezer, then use the machine to turn into ice cream.

That being said, we found that Ninja was a little better here as well due to the individual cups and the Creamify blending technology. The Ninja ice cream maker allows you to freeze the ingredients right in the cup, then you churn ice cream from the cup without having to remove it or break it up.

Like we said before, the commercial directly showed a can of pineapples being turned into a sorbet. Imagine having to break up all the frozen chunks and syrup to feed it into the machine? Instead, you blend right from the container, making it super easy.

Yonanas has you freeze the ingredients as well, but you’ll want to separate the chunks from each other. You can’t feed a large amount of ingredients at once. You instead need to feed through one or two fruit chunks at a time until the ice cream is complete. It’s slower and requires more effort.

Both require a freezer, but even here, Ninja proves that it’s the easiest vegan ice cream maker out there.

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What is the Difference Between Ninja Creami and Yonanas?

Curious about what is the difference between Yonanas and Ninja Creami? We found there were many differences between them. While both can make vegan frozen treats, one is dedicated solely to fruit while the other works on nearly everything (including coconut milk, almond milk, and other vegan ingredients Yonanas would struggle with).

Ninja Creami is clearly more versatile. It has seven firmness settings that you select with one-touch buttons, personal pint containers so you can make multiple flavors at once, a good capacity, it’s simple to freeze and churn the ingredients, and you can make any number of frozen treats. While we’re talking about vegan ingredients here, Creami works with just about everything.

Yonanas is good at what it does, but it’s limited. It’s good for making vegan treats, and it’s perfect if you want the occasional vegan ice cream from frozen bananas and other fruits. It’s also at a very good price point. However, it’s limited and doesn’t offer any firmness settings. You get what you get, and that’s the spirit of this machine in a nutshell.

Ninja CreamiYonanas Maker

Final Thoughts

So, which is the best vegan frozen treat maker between Ninja Creami vs Yonanas Maker? We found that while Yonanas cost less and might be good for some people, Creami is definitely the superior model here. You get many firmness settings, better capacity, personal pint containers, and many other features that are lacking with Yonanas.