Water Filter Bottle Buyer’s Guide

water bottle filter

Buying a water filter bottle seems so easy, but with dozens of results on Amazon and everyone else, finding the right one is tougher than it seems. What size do you need, and what material? What are the important features, and is a water filter bottle best for your needs? Our buyer’s guide will answer … Read more

Is the Brita Stream Filter Worth It?

Curious about the Brita Stream? So were we. Water filters are great because they give you crisp tasting water without having to pay those high bottled water fees. However, even the fastest water filter takes a few minutes to clean your tap water. At least that’s how it used to be. The Brita Stream works … Read more

Brita Vs Zero Water Vs Pur: The Best Water Filter

brita vs zero water vs pur

The best water filter gives that crisp, refreshing water taste. It has superior mouthfeel to tap water and tastes significantly better. Many people drink bottled water because it tastes better, but filtered water tastes almost the same and is significantly less expensive. A water filter allows you to enjoy the affordability of tap water with … Read more