Ninja Creami vs Cuisinart ICE (Best Ice Cream Maker for Kids)

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Having your very own ice cream machine for home is great. Not only do you save money in the long run (especially if you’re like us and love premium ice cream), but it also allows you to make unique frozen concoctions. Finding the right ice cream maker can be tough, but we’re here to help with our Ninja Creami vs Cuisinart review.

Our Cuisinart vs Ninja ice cream maker review will compare these based on features, settings, capacity, freezing type, and any other differences we can find.

We believe that most people will prefer the Ninja Creami due to its extended settings, personal pint containers, and compact design, but those looking for an ice cream machine for kids or those who love mix-ins will prefer the Cuisinart ICE-45P1.

Ninja CreamiCuisinart ICE

Cuisinart Mix It In vs Ninja Creami: Features

Both of these come with very unique features. It’s hard to say which is best as it depends on what you’re looking for, but we’d say that the Ninja ice cream maker has more robust features and will likely appeal to more people. However, the Cuisinart ice cream maker has amazing features for kids, or those who love mix-ins.

Since they are so different, let’s take a look at them individually to see exactly what you’re getting.

Ninja Creami Features

The Creami Ninja ice cream machine comes with many features. First of all, you get 7 blending settings to choose from (more in the Settings section). This allows you to make ice cream, gelato, and more with the touch of a button.

You also get personal pint containers. This is ideal for households where one person loves chocolate and the other person loves pineapple sorbets (or any other flavor you can think of). Each person is able to get the exact ice cream they want, and they have their own storage container as well.

Another benefit is that this works with just about any ingredients. Pour the ingredients into the pint, freeze them, and then let Creami go to work. You can make truly indulgent, full-fat ice cream, or you can save calories (without sacrificing flavor) by freezing fruit, low-fat milk, yogurt, and other ingredients. Then just blend the pint and you’re good.

Ninja is at the forefront of technology. This uses Creamify technology, which means that it finely churns and shaves ice particles for the smoothest ice cream you’ve ever had.

Lastly, the machine is very compact and can fit nearly any countertop with ease. It’s about the size of a blender, and you don’t need to worry about any large freezing bowls.

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Cuisinart ICE-45 Features

The Cuisinart ice cream machine is made for kids along with those who love loading their sundaes with cookie crumbles, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more. While the list of features isn’t quite as long as what you get with Ninja Creami, it still has many useful features that you’ll love.

Starting from the front, this machine has a cone holder that makes it easy to stack ice cream cones. This makes it easy for the whole family to grab a cone, pull the lever, and make a tasty frozen treat. Are cones not your thing? Simply place a bowl under the spout and ice cream will go there instead. It’s a simple system that anyone can use.

You also get three mix-in containers. You can place nearly anything in these containers. Adding these to your ice cream is simple. Just push the button under the container and it’ll be mixed right into your ice cream (or added right on top if you’d prefer).

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Cuisinart ICE vs Ninja Creami: Settings

If you want an ice cream machine that makes gelato, sorbet, soft serve, and more, then you need it to have settings. While some machines only make one type of frozen treat, others give you options based on your preference. In general, more options is better because it allows you to do more with the appliance.

In this regard, Ninja Creami is the clear winner here. It has 7 one-touch programs that allow you to make ice cream, gelato, sorbet, smoothies, milkshakes, lite ice cream, and just to mix-in yummy additions.

Cuisinart on the other hand doesn’t have any settings. It only has an on and off setting. When you’re ready, pull the lever and soft serve consistency ice cream will come out. If we include mix-ins as its own setting, then we could say it has two, but that’s a far cry from what you get with Creami.

While both are good, we have to go with Ninja here.

Ninja CreamiCuisinart ICE

Ninja Creami vs Cuisinart Mix It In: Capacity

Picking which one offers the best capacity here isn’t straightforward. We could say the one with the bigger capacity wins, but Ninja Creami is unique in how with its mixing and containers.

The Ninja Creami comes with two 16 ounce, or 1 pint each, containers. Each container is also the mixing bowl. This means you fill the container, place it in the Creami, and make your preferred ice cream flavor.

While the capacity is a little low compared to some other machines, the beauty is that you can make many different flavors and everyone has their pint. At the same time, the overall capacity is 32oz unless you get additional containers.

Cuisinart ICE ice cream maker on the other hand gives you one freezing bowl, but the capacity is 1.5 quarts, or 48oz. If you make one flavor at a time and don’t need everyone to have their own container, then this offers a large overall capacity.

It really comes down to whether everyone in the household wants their own container. If everyone is fine with one flavor being made at a time, then Cuisinart is better. If everyone wants their own flavor and texture, then Ninja Creami is better.

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Ninja Creami vs Cuisinart ICE: Freezing Type

The two are tied here as they function exactly the same. In the broadest sense there are two types of ice cream machines. Some rely on external freezing like from your fridge’s freeze while others are able to chill ingredients themselves. While having its own freezing mechanism is convenient, this also increases the price quite a bit.

Both of these rely on your fridge’s freezer. You will load the ingredients into the container (either the freezing bowl or personal pint container), and then freeze in with your fridge. When you’re ready, place it in the machine and it will churn the ingredients into ice cream.

It’s honestly very simple, and you’ll have no problem doing this. Just make sure you have enough room in your freezer for the bowl.

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What’s the Difference Between Ninja Creami and Cuisinart ICE?

Curious about what’s the difference between Cuisinart ICE and Ninja Creami? They are very different machines with unique strengths and benefits.

Ninja Creami offers more features, settings, and we loved the personal pint containers. This lets one person make chocolate ice cream while another makes pineapple sorbet. Plus, all the one-touch features are simple to use and they allow you to make a variety of frozen treats.

Cuisinart ICE 45 though is great for kids, has a larger capacity overall, and both the cone holder and three mix-in containers are fantastic. If you love adding things to your ice cream or have kids that love sundaes, then this is the machine for you.

Ninja CreamiCuisinart ICE

Final Thoughts

Both of these are fantastic, so it really depends on your needs. Overall, we think Ninja Creami is better because it offers more options, we loved the personal pint containers, and it offered more power and creamify technology.

However, those with kids or who love adding things to their ice cream might prefer Cuisinart. It’s a great ice cream appliance and the three mix-in containers are fantastic, it just lacks some of the features found with Creami.

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