Hexclad vs Ninja Neverstick (Most Unique Nonstick Cooware)

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Most people have preconceived notions about stainless steel and nonstick cookware. Stainless steel is more durable but sticks more while nonstick pots and pans can’t take as much heat. Today we’re comparing two cookware sets that break the mold. Our Hexclad vs Ninja Neverstick review will test these two side by side to see which is best.

We’re going to compare Ninja Neverstick vs Hexclad pans and pots based on what temperature they can withstand, materials, build quality, and the overall differences.

Read on to see which cookware set is best for your kitchen.

Ninja Foodi NeverstickHexclad Hybrid Cookware

What is Ninja Neverstick?

Ninja Foodi Neverstick is aptly named as this nonstick coating is very different from normal nonstick pots and pans. Neverstick from Ninja Foodi bonds plasma ceramic particles to the cookware at a tremendous 30,000°F. This leads to a deep, permanent bond between the coating and surface. Plus, it makes the surface more nonstick than similar cookware.

If you’re curious how this stacks up against other brands, check out our Ninja Neverstick vs Calphalon vs All Clad review.

If you’re looking for premium nonstick cookware that promises to never flake, that can go in the oven, and that is dishwasher safe, then Neverstick pots and pans are right for you.

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Ninja Neverstick Premium vs Regular

Ninja Foodi Neverstick PremiumNinja Foodi Neverstick Regular

Curious about the difference between Ninja Foodi Neverstick Premium vs Regular? While both sets are good, we think the premium set is worth the extra cost and we’ll explain why.

First, both of these sets use the same superheated bonding process, so they both have secure coatings that prevent food from sticking. They are also made from the same exact materials, and they are both oven and dishwasher safe.

The difference is the thickness of the material. The regular version, better known as Ninja Neverstick C100, is 3.3mm thick. The premium version, also known as Ninja Neverstick Premium C300, is significantly larger at 4.5mm.

This makes the premium version more durable, and it can better hold onto heat. The price increase is worth the extra longevity and better cooking.

However, the regular version is good and gives you a more affordable way to own this cookware set.

What is Hexclad Hybrid Cookware?

You might be wondering why it’s called Hexclad hybrid pots and pans. The Hexclad part is easy, the nonstick coating is laser etched into a hexagonal pattern, but what makes this hybrid cookware?

Hexclad is currently the only cookware that combines stainless steel with nonstick pots and pans for a unique experience. You get the same durable tri-ply construction of higher-end stainless steel cookware along with a nonstick coating that is laser-sealed and prepared for searing, ovens, and other high-heat applications.

Much like Ninja Neverstick, the coating is applied at high temperatures to ensure it never flakes, plus the hexagon design helps it stick very closely to the under material. If you love stainless steel but hating how much it sticks, then Hexclad might be the perfect option for you.

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Let’s say unambiguously that higher heat is always better. You want cookware that can withstand at least 400°F, but higher is better because this allows you to get better sears, cook faster, and it lets you develop deep flavors that only high-heating cooking can bring out.

That being said, it’s a tie between Ninja vs Hexclad. Both of them are able to withstand 500°F, which ensures you can really turn the stove or oven up high. While you might be tempted to go above this (20 or 50 degrees hotter may not seem that big a deal), we highly recommend never going above 500°F. This can warp the pan and damage the coating.

There’s another thing to consider with temperature: heat distribution. Is either set known for cold spots? Some pots and pans are unable to properly distribute heat, which means that one section of your meal might be overcooked while another is still raw.

It seems like both are basically tied. Hexclad seems somewhat better, but not quite enough to make a huge difference.

In general, we would call this a tie as both have even heat distribution and withstand very high temperatures.


We see some significant differences here and it mostly goes in Hexclad’s favor, but some people might like the materials used by Neverstick.

Ninja Foodi cookware is crafted from high-quality aluminum. Both the rim and base are thick to ensure fast heating, and the body is intentionally thinner so heat disperses quickly into your food. The coating is made from ceramic particles that never flakes or chips, and it’s nontoxic.

Hexclad triply pots, pans, and woks instead using the same triply design used in premium stainless steel pots and pans. This gives you the benefits of multiple materials while making the cookware more durable overall.

Hexclad uses a stainless steel outer layer and base, then an aluminum inner layer, then they finish with another stainless steel layer. This gives you the durability of stainless steel, along with its ability to hold heat, and aluminum’s amazing heat conductivity for fast heating.

So, which one is better between Hexclad or Ninja Neverstick?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want your cookware to heat very quickly, then Ninja is better. If you want cookware that can hold heat longer and is more durable, then Hexclad is better.

Overall we think that most people would prefer Hexclad as it seamlessly combines the benefits of both metals, but Ninja is great as well and is also highly durable.

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Ninja Neverstick vs Hexclad: Build Quality

Maybe you’ve seen it with budget cookware, but some pots and pans aren’t made well at all. For example, the handles might be attached with screws that loosen with age, or the material is so thin that it wears out in months.

Neither cookware set here is made poorly, both are premium models that are made to last for decades. That being said, there are some differences between them.


First up are the handles. Both Ninja Neverstick and Hexclad handles are double riveted into place. This ensures that they will never come loose unless under extreme stress (way more than you can do in the kitchen).

There is a sizable difference between the handles. Hexclad handles are fairly normal, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Ninja handles are longer than normal, which makes them easier to grip. While this makes Hexclad more compact, you’ll love the Ninja handles for being easier to work with.


Most lids either come in tempered glass so you can see through them or stainless steel. Overall we prefer tempered glass, and thankfully both sets come with this. While both lids can go into the oven and are highly durable, they are different.

The larger Ninja handles come into play here as well. The handles are bigger and easier to grip, which might prove useful for some people.

Hexclad has regular handles, but it also has a steam port that seems to be missing on the Ninja lids. This allows steam to escape more easily, which we find very useful when making rice, steam veggies, or boiling ingredients (like pasta, veggies, meats, or anything else).

This really comes down to whether you prefer to larger handles on Neverstick, or the steam port on Hexclad.

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Hexclad vs Ninja Neverstick: Oven and Dishwasher Safe

The truth is that most people use cookware on the stove and many people prefer washing pots and pans by hand, but isn’t it better if your cookware is versatile enough to go in the oven or dishwasher? You can cook food more conveniently in the oven, and dishwashers take away all the effort of handwashing.

So, how do these sets stack up? Let’s find out.

Is Ninja Neverstick Oven and Dishwasher Safe?

Ninja Foodi Neverstick is oven safe up to 500°F. This goes for all the pots, pans, and lids. The entire set is also dishwasher safe. Do not place this in a higher temperature oven as that could damage the cookware.

Is Hexclad Oven and Dishwasher Safe?

Hexclad is oven safe up to 500°F. This includes the pots, pans, woks, and lids. Do not set the temperature any higher as this may damage the cookware. All pieces are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

What’s the Difference Between Hexclad and Ninja Neverstick?

Curious about what’s the difference between Ninja Neverstick and Hexclad? There are a number of similarities along with differences. Let’s start with the similarities first. If your curious about how Neverstick is against other sets, then check our reviews here:

Both of these are nonstick pots and pans, and they can both withstand up to 500°F both on the stove or in the oven. They are both dishwasher safe, come with tempered glass lids, and have superior build quality.

In terms of heating, both heat quickly and evenly. Hexclad is a little more even, but not by a significant margin. We found that Ninja heats quicker due to being entirely made from aluminum, but Hexclad held heat longer as it’s made from both stainless steel and aluminum.

Ninja has longer handles on its pots, pans, and lids. However, Hexclad’s lids have a steam port that is missing on the Ninja lids.

Those are the most significant differences we can across during our Hexclad review and Ninja Neverstick review.

Ninja Foodi NeverstickHexclad Hybrid Cookware

Final Thoughts

So, which is the winner here? It’s basically a tie since they are very similar in terms of performance. Neverstick Ninja Foodi heats up faster, has better handles, and it’s nice that there’s a regular and premium version you can choose between for either better price or thicker material.

Hexclad holds heat longer, has steam ports, and the stainless steel and aluminum combination is more durable.

It’s hard to say which is best, so you have to consider what you want from your cookware. Which one did you choose?

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