Ninja Neverstick vs Blue Diamond (Which One Stands the Heat?)

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Most people associate nonstick cookware with being cheap and ill-suited to high-heat cooking, but there are a few brands out there changing the game. Our Ninja Neverstick vs Blue Diamond review is going to compare two titans of nonstick cookware sets to not only show you which is best, but to prove that these pots and pans can take the heat while searing steaks, chicken breasts, and anything else you can cook up.

Our Blue Diamond vs Ninja Neverstick review will look at their maximum temperatures, material, build quality, whether they are oven and dishwasher share, and then finally we will check for any other differences.

Read on and find the best non-stick cookware for your kitchen.

Ninja Foodi Neverstick
Blue Diamond Cookware


When it comes to any cookware, whether we’re talking about pots or pans, nonstick or stainless steel, or anything else, temperature should be one of the major considerations. You don’t want a pan that can only take like 300°, that means it’s going to wear out quickly. Plus, with nonstick, you don’t want the coating to come off from the high heats.

Both of these brands produce pots and pans that can take the heat, but one is vastly better than the other.

Ninja Foodi Neverstick can withstand up to 500°F, which is honestly quite amazing. During our Ninja Foodi Neverstick vs Hexclad review, we found that they both withstood the same temperature. This puts it closer to many stainless steel cookware sets. Speaking of stainless steel, we also compared Ninja Foodi Neverstick Premium vs Calphalon vs All Clad and we found a surprising winner.

However, we are still having a hard time believing what Blue Diamond pans and pots can withstand. Blue Diamond cookware has a maximum temperature of 850°F. That’s truly amazing and puts it leagues above most other sets. It’s important to note that the lids can only take around 425-450°F, but even that’s pretty good.

In a pure numbers game, Blue Diamond wins by a landslide. It’s nearly double the maximum temperature of Neverstick. However, if we’re talking about real-world situations, most people cook around 350-450°F, so both are going to be just fine.

If you need extremely high heat cooking, then Blue Diamond is the winner. If you cook around more conventional temperatures, then they are both great.

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There are two things we have to cover here. You have to consider the material of the cookware itself and then the nonstick coating. The pan material is what dictates durability along with heat transfer while the coating governs how truly nonstick the cookware is.

Ninja Neverstick vs Blue Diamond: Cookware Material

Let’s start with the metals used here because both are remarkably similar in this regard. Both of them use aluminum. Aluminum is very common with nonstick sets because the material is lightweight, quickly heats up, and cools down fast.

While both are made from the same metal, there is a difference in thickness. Neverstick, especially Ninja Foodi Neverstick Premium, uses significantly thicker aluminum. This makes the cookware more durable while also allowing it to better hold heat.

Both are good, but we give the win to Ninja for the thicker cookware.

Blue Diamond vs Ninja Foodi Neverstick: Nonstick Coating

This one tends to be more nuanced because both use radically different approaches to non-stick coatings, which leads to different pros and cons.

Blue Diamond uses a proprietary diamond-infused coating that is 4x better at heat transfer, 5x harder, and 10x more durable than traditional coatings.

However, Ninja uses plasma ceramic particles that are permanently fused to the aluminum at 30,000°F. By contrast, most pans fuse coatings at 900°F. The extra heat ensures a harder bond so the coating never chips or flakes, and it also makes the surface truly nonstick (hence the name!).

In practice, we did find Ninja stuck less. Blue Diamond’s surface felt harder, but both are highly resistant to chipping and flaking. We would give the win to Ninja here as well.

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Ninja Foodi Neverstick vs Blue Diamond: Build Quality

We covered the materials used in the cookware and coatings, so let’s look at how well everything is built. If you’ve bought cheap pans before, then you know that their handles are usually screwed in and fall out after a couple of years. They also seem flimsy and generally disappoint in the kitchen.

Both of these are good sets. We like one over the other, but they are both worth their price and should last for many years.

Whether you choose Blue Diamond or Ninja Foodi Neverstick, both have riveted handles to ensure they stay attached for life. You won’t need to worry about handles coming off the lids, pots, or pans. Plus, the tempered glass lids are ideal for cooking in the oven and they firmly attach whenever you’re boiling or simmering food.

There is one thing we like about Ninja more though. The handles are also made bigger for an easier grip. This goes for the lids, pots, and pans. You’ll find it easier to get a grip on anything. While some people might find the handles are too big for their purposes, most will like this.

It’s nearly a tie in this category. Ninja is a little better, but only if you want larger handles and a better grip.

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Blue Diamond vs Ninja Neverstick: Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Many people are curious about whether nonstick cooking sets can be oven or dishwasher safe in general. While we wouldn’t recommend it for some really cheap pans (you don’t need them to melt, or for the coating to come off), but many of the better pans are fine in both the oven and dishwasher.

So, are our two sets here safe? Let’s take a look.

Is Ninja Foodi Neverstick Oven and Dishwasher Safe?

With it’s 500°F maximum temperature and the 30,000°F bonding process, you’ll find that these pots and pans work well in both the oven and dishwasher. While Ninja doesn’t have the same maximum temperature as Blue Diamond, most people cook around 350-450°F, so you should have no problem putting this in the oven.

Is Blue Diamond Oven and Dishwasher Safe?

We think it goes without saying that Blue Diamond frying pans and pots are oven safe with the tremendous 800°F maximum temperature. The lids are only good up to 425°F, so keep that in mind if you’re cooking at very high heats. The coating is also safe in the dishwasher, so feel free to put your cookware in there and clean with ease.

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What’s the Difference Between Ninja Neverstick and Blue Diamond?

Curious about what’s the difference between Blue Diamond and Ninja Neverstick? This most obvious difference when looking at them is their color, but there are many other differences once you look further than that. There are also many similarities. If you’re curious about how Neverstick measures up to other sets, then check these reviews:

Both of these are premium nonstick sets that last for many years, allow you to cook with less oil and fat, are highly versatile, and are both oven and dishwasher safe. In all honesty, you’ll probably be happy with either set, but let’s cover their differences so that you know which one you’ll be happiest with.

While both have great maximum temperatures, Blue Diamond is one of the best on the market hands down. However, Ninja fires back with thicker aluminum and better handles, though both are made to last and have riveted handles that stay in place.

What about the nonstick coating? While Blue Diamond’s feel harder, we found that Ninja’s was more durable and gave us less problems when cooking characteristically sticky food.

Let’s talk about the actual pieces you get in the set. Ninja offers a variety of pots and pans, which is great, but Blue Diamond is a little more versatile. You can also get muffin tins, cookie sheets, and round cake pans.

Ninja Foodi Neverstick
Blue Diamond Cookware

Final Thoughts

So, which is better, Ninja Foodi Neverstick or Blue Diamond cookware? It’s a toss up depending on what you want. If you’re looking for the better price, a more versatile set, and the highest temperature, then Blue Diamond wins. If you are looking for something that truly never sticks, uses thicker metal, is more durable, and has larger handles, the Ninja is the winner.

Which do you prefer? Be sure to let us know.

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