Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven vs Power XL Air Fryer Oven

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We’ve compared the top air fryer ovens in our review, but we thought it’d be good to take some of those top brands and do a deep comparison of them. This ensures that you get a better idea of what you’re getting if you choose either of these. So, which air fryer oven is better with Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven vs Power XL Air Fryer Oven? 

Both are fantastic, but which is best for you? We are going to compare Power XL Air Fryer Oven vs Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven based on functions, capacity, power, accessories, control panel, and any other differences that we can find. 

Read on to see who wins in the PowerXL vs Ninja air fryer oven debate. 

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer OvenPower XL Air Fryer Oven


One of the best things about air fryer ovens is that they all come with multiple functions. They don’t just have an on/off switch. Instead, you get functions that make your oven ideal for roasting, broiling, making pizza, and so much more. 

You should always check to see what functions you’re getting. This can make a big difference between which model is ideal for your kitchen. 

When it comes to PowerXL or Ninja air fryer ovens, you’ll find that both have 8 functions. However, the functions themselves are different. Let’s compare them now to see which is right for you. 

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill Functions 

  • Grill 
  • Air fry 
  • Rotisserie 
  • Bake/Pizza 
  • Broil 
  • Sear 
  • Toast 
  • Reheat 

That’s a very balanced mix of functions. You can grill, air fry, rotisserie book, broil, and more. Let’s see how Ninja SP101 Foodi holds up. 

Ninja SP101 Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Oven Functions 

  • Air fry 
  • Air roast 
  • Air broil 
  • Bake 
  • Bagel 
  • Toast 
  • Dehydrate 
  • Keep warm 

This is also a balanced mix of functions, but there is one major difference. Ninja can dehydrate, but it can’t rotisserie cook. While it lacks this function, it does make up for it with being very balanced and also having a flatter profile than most other air fryer ovens. In fact, if countertop space is at a premium, then we highly suggest the Ninja Oven. 

In general, it comes down to how important rotisserie cooking or dehydrating is to you as these are the major differences. We would say that PowerXL is a little more impressive with its ability to rotisserie cook a whole chicken, but it’s nearly even between them. 

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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven vs Power XL Air Fryer Oven: Capacity 

The next thing you should consider is capacity. Air fryer ovens strike that perfect balance between good capacity and convenient size. However, the dimensions and capacity of every oven are different, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the best for your cooking style. 

Both of these ovens are quite different in this regard. They offer good capacity, but one is tall while the other is flat. 

Starting with the PowerXL Air Fryer 8-in-1 Oven, this model offers 930 cubic inches of space. This allows you to rotisserie cook a whole 10lb chicken with ease. When it comes to flat space, you can cook up to 6 burgers or six slices of bread. 

Next up is the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Oven. As you might recall from the last section, Ninja wasn’t made for rotisserie cooking. However, those who cook burgers, steaks, and similar items might prefer this over the PowerXL. Ninja is large enough for 9 burgers, 9 slices of bread, a 13” pizza, or 6 large chicken breasts. 

If you think you’ll be cooking larger ingredients (like whole chickens, roasts, etc), then PowerXL is better. If you think you’ll be cooking veggies, burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and more, then Ninja provides better capacity. 

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Power XL Air Fryer Oven vs Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven: Power 

There’s a big difference in power. If you looked at our air fryer oven review, then you know that Ninja and Instant Omni were tied for the most powerful air fryer ovens. PowerXL ovens are strong and great, but they are definitely behind Ninja. 

PowerXL air fryers are rated at 1500W, which is actually very good. We would say that these ovens should at minimum be around 1200W, so 1500W is good by comparison. 

Ninja however blows it out of the water at 1800W of power. This is significantly better, and it ensures that you don’t have to worry about the Ninja struggling to maintain its temperature. 

You might wonder what role power plays with your air fryer oven. They all get hot, don’t they? The difference is that extra power ensures that the oven gets hot faster and that it maintains that temperature even if you load frozen foods or lots of ingredients. 

Both are good, but we would definitely consider Ninja the winner here. 

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While Ninja Foodi effortlessly won the power battle, it’s the complete opposite here. This is a one-sided battle with PowerXL easily beating Ninja. In fact, we would argue that the PowerXL air fryer oven has the best accessories overall, so keep that in mind. 

Unlike many other kitchen appliances, we would say that accessories are a necessity with air fryer ovens. Why? Consider your main kitchen oven. Imagine getting it without any racks or grates. You’d be forced to cook on the bottom of the oven. Can you imagine the problems with that? It’d be catastrophic! 

While it’s not quite as bad with an air fryer oven, it’s pretty close. You need accessories to ensure that you can fully use these appliances. 

So, what accessories do air fryer ovens come with? Let’s take a look. 

Power XL Air Fryer Oven Accessories 

  • Nonstick grill grate 
  • Nonstick griddle pan 
  • Stainless steel mesh fry basket 
  • Baking pan 
  • Stainless steel roasting rack 
  • Rotisserie spit 
  • Egg/muffin pan 
  • Drip tray 
  • Recipe book (extra accessory!) 

As you can see, this is a very long list of accessories that gives you everything you would ever need. Let’s see how Ninja compares. 

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven Accessories 

  • Wire rack 
  • 13”x13” nonstick, dishwasher-safe pan 
  • Air fry basket 
  • Crumb tray 

I don’t know about you, but that’s a little overwhelming. We were surprised to see that Ninja came with so few. In general, the Ninja accessory pack is a little disappointing. You can still cook lots of food, but you really don’t get that many options. 

Like we said before, this is a one-sided victory for PowerXL. Ninja is fine, but PowerXL is exceptional. 

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Control Panel 

Both control panels are fine. They make it easy to choose the function, time, temperature, and all those other settings. We found ourselves preferring the Ninja because it was more modern and simplified, but the PowerXL control panel was fine as well. 

Let’s start with the PowerXL oven air fryer control panel. It uses three large dials for function, time, and temperature. This gives it an older appearance and it feels like a traditional toaster oven. It works fine, but we didn’t find ourselves really liking it. 

Moving to the Ninja Foodi oven air fryer, this has one dial and several buttons. The dial controlled multiple settings and was very simple. We found this to be much more enjoyable and nicer to use. 

Both are accurate and fine. We liked the Foodi oven better, but Power XL oven was fine as well. 

What is the Difference Between Ninja and PowerXL Air Fryer Oven? 

Curious about the difference between PowerXL and Ninja air fryer oven? We found a number of differences between them through this review, which should help you decide if Ninja or PowerXL is better for you. 

PowerXL air fryer 8-in-1 was best when it comes to accessories, we thought it had slightly better functions (mostly due to rotisserie cooking), and adequate power. Ninja Foodi air fryer 8-in-1 had tremendous power, better capacity in terms of flat space (such as more burgers or chicken breasts), and a better control panel. 

The only other major difference we can think of is Ninja’s ability to flip up when you’re finished. This allows you to keep the counter clear until you’re ready to cook. Plus, it’s easy to clear the crumb tray like this. 

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer OvenPower XL Air Fryer Oven

Final Thoughts 

So, which is the best between Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven vs Power XL Air Fryer Oven? If you want a strong air fryer oven that can cook 9 burgers or a large pizza, then Ninja Foodi is the best. If you’d rather rotisserie cook and wants lots of accessories, then PowerXL is the better choice. They’re both good, so it depends on what you need. 

Be sure to let us know which one you choose.