Emeril Forever Pans Review (Best Value Pans?)

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As with other As Seen on TV products, you might be looking for Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans reviews to see if these pots and pans are all they’re cracked up to be. Our Emeril Forever Pans reviews will look through the various pots, pans, and lids you get here to see if they are worthwhile. We’re also going to compare them against other big brands like Ninja Neverstick and All Clad.

Read on to see if Emeril Forever Pans are right for you.

We found they live up to expectations, but does that mean they’re really the best cookware for your specific needs? Let’s find out.

What is Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans?

Nearly every cookware set has a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition. Some fight based on price while others try to attract solely based on their brand. While Emeril certainly has name recognition, you’ll find that his pots and pans are highly durable and built for extensive kitchen use.

What are Emeril pots and pans made of? They are hard-anodized aluminum, but that’s not all. The aluminum is heavy-guage, thick, and able to take a beating. You might think that’s what leads to its extensive durability, but it goes much further than that.

Emeril fry pans and pots have a triple layer of nonstick coating. This ensures the coating lasts for many years while the aluminum makes them durable while enhancing even heat distribution. The cookware is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and both oven and dishwasher safe.

Are Emeril Everyday Forever pans nonstick? Yes, but they go so much further than that. These are premium nonstick cookware items that last for numerous years, can sear without sticking, are incredibly easy to clean, and they can be used on all stove types.

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In the most basic sense, Emeril’s Forever pans are nonstick aluminum cookware. For those in the know, you might be worried about durability since they are aluminum pots and pans, while others might be worried about the nonstick coating chipping off after a few years.

While aluminum is less durable than steel, but that’s not a problem here. Emeril aluminum cookware are made from heavy-gauge and hard-anodized aluminum. These processes largely remove the softness inherent in aluminum while making it much more durable. At the same time, you still get the properties that make aluminum amazing, largely even heat distribution.

The nonstick coating has been applied three times, which improves durability and longevity by 10x. You’ll get optimal nonstick performance and nearly unthinkable durability. In fact, you can use metal utensils like spatulas and whisks. You probably remember your mother telling you that you’ll ruin your nonstick cookware that way, but Emeril is made differently.

These are made to last for many, many years while being versatile enough for every recipe.


Another litmus test of quality for any cookware set is the maximum temperature it can resist. Some low-quality pans aren’t even safe at 400°F, so you want to check this before doing any high-heat cooking. Not only that, but this is a metric of durability. Those that can resist higher temperatures will last longer even when put up against low to medium temperatures.

So, what is the maximum temperature of the Emeril Forever pan? Every item in the set is oven safe up to 500°F, which puts it in the premium quality range. Not only that, but you can brown, sear, and caramelize on the stovetop.

While there are some cookware sets with higher maximum temperatures, those are relatively uncommon and much more expensive. Considering the material and price point here, we would call Emeril As Seen on TV pans premium and more than worth the cost.

Build Quality

Cookware can be made from the best materials, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has good build quality. Poor build quality can cause the handles to fall off, lids to poorly trap steam, and for there to be issues with durability and functionality.

Emeril Forever pans are definitely made from the best materials, such as hard-anodized aluminum and a triple layer of nonstick coating. Let’s take a look at the handles and lids to see how the build quality is.

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Both the pot and pan handles are riveted directly to the cookware. This is exactly what you want to see as riveted handles last for a very long time and usually only fail after extreme stress. Cheap cookware has handles attached by screws that can strip or wear away.

Not only that, but the stay-cool handles are easy to touch while cooking (except when pulling out of the oven), and they offer both a comfortable and secure grip.


Now let’s look at the lids. You get tempered glass lids that are heat-resistant while forming a tight seal on the cookware. This traps in steam while the vented hole allows just the right amount to escape. Plus, the handles are slightly uprisen so that you can easily use potholders to remove them.

Another benefit of glass lids is that you can watch the food as it cooks. Metal lids are great, but you’ll be left guessing as to how well done your food is. Glass lids allow you to keep a close eye on your meals and recipes.

What Comes in the Emeril Forever Pans Set?

The Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans is a 10-piece set, but what exactly do you get with this nonstick aluminum cookware set? As with other sets, you should keep in mind that lids count as pieces here, so you won’t get 10 pots and pans. That being said, you still get a complete set that will work for any home cook.

You get:

  • 10-Inch Emeril Frying Pan
  • 11-Inch Deep Saute Pan and Lid
  • 1.5qt Sauce Pan and Lid
  • 5.5qt Casserole Stock Pot and Lid
  • Deep Fryer Basket/Mesh Steamer
  • Grill Pan Insert
  • Emeril Recipe Book

The Emeril Lagasse Frying Pan set gives you two large pans, a sauce pan, stock pot, mesh steamer, grill pan, and three glass lids. You also get an Emeril recipe book that can help you get started breaking these pots and pans in.

In general, we would say this is a huge value based on the superior build quality and fair price tag.

Dishwasher Safe?

Cooking and eating are usually the fun parts of the recipe, but less fun is having to clean your cookware. That’s especially true if you love to sear meats or make thick, sticky sauces. They’re delicious, but they are so hard to clean. Are Forever Emeril pots and pans easy to clean? Is Emeril Forever Pans dishwasher safe?

Yes, all pieces can be placed right into the dishwasher or washed in the sink by hand. The only piece you can’t wash is the recipe book, but all the pots, pans, and lids can be easily cleaned.

Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans Reviews

Our Forever Pans Emeril Lagasse reviews will compare this against other premium offerings to see if this is really the right cookware set for you, or if there is one that’s better suited for your needs.

Emeril Forever Pans vs Ninja Foodi NeverStick

Our Ninja Foodi NeverStick vs Emeril Forever Pans review found that both of these are great and have some similarities. They are both hard-anodized aluminum cookware with durable nonstick coatings. Also, both are able to sear, are oven safe, dishwasher safe, and extremely versatile.

There is a difference in price and quality though. Our Ninja NeverStick review found that these pots and pans are much thicker than the norm and use a special plasma process that bonds the nonstick coating to the aluminum. At the same time, Emeril Lagasse Forever cookware uses a tri-ply process for the nonstick coating and the aluminum is a good density, but somewhat thinner than Ninja. Ninja is the best while Emeril is a close runner-up with a better price.

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Emeril Forever Pans vs Hexclad

It’s a battle of the celebrity chefs here with Hexclad vs Emeril Forever Pans. Emeril of course is supported by Emeril and bears his name while Hexclad is currently supported by Gordan Ramses. Whatever your feelings on these two might be, our Hexclad review found that this is a premium cookware set that is stainless steel with an aluminum core and ceramic nonstick coating that has been etched to the pan’s surface.

What is the difference between Emeril Forever and Hexclad? Hexclad is more expensive, is made primarily from stainless steel while Emeril is primarily aluminum, uses a unique etching process for its nonstick coating whereas Emeril has a triple clad nonstick coating, and Emeril has more variety in their sets.

Check Price: Hexclad Pans ->

Emeril Forever Pans vs All Clad

Let’s take a look at All Clad vs Emeril Forever Pans to see which is best. Unlike the other brands here that only have a few sets, All Clad has been around for many years and offers numerous sets. They are best known for their stainless steel cookware, but we’ll look at the All Clad Essentials Nonstick set as that’s closest to the Emeril one.

What is the difference between Emeril Forever and All Clad? All Clad offers more variety in general, both are oven safe to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe, made from hard-anodized aluminum, are a similar price, and offer great nonstick coatings. We will say that Emeril’s nonstick coating does seem more durable.

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Emeril Forever Pans vs Granitestone Diamond

Who wins when it comes to Granitestone Diamond vs Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans? Both sets are very similar as they are nonstick hard-anodized aluminum, are able to withstand high temperatures, don’t let food get stuck, and are highly versatile.

What is the difference between Emeril Forever Pans and Granitestone Diamond? Granitestone uses a mixture of ceramic and titanium in their nonstick coating while Emeril applies three layers of the coating. Granitestone comes with more variety and is more versatile, but Emeril has better wear resistance.

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Emeril Forever Pans vs Carote

Which is better between Carote vs Emeril Everyday Pans? Carote is granite cookware which means that it’s made primarily from white granite along with recycled aluminum. This gives it even heat distribution and a natural nonstick surface.

What is the difference between Emeril and Carote? Emeril uses a more modern nonstick coating that lasts longer, but Carote is more natural and has a better design. Carote is more affordable, but we think the cookware from Emeril is more versatile.

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Here we’ll answer your biggest questions so you know more about Emeril Everyday Pans.

Are Emeril Forever Pans Good?

Are Emeril’s Forever Pans any good? That’s a great question, especially when you consider that this is a nonstick cookware set with an infomercial that seems to overpromise. While it’s easy to write these off, we did our own review and found that this cookware delivers on its promises and each piece is highly durable, versatile in the kitchen, and easy to clean.

So, are Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans good? Yes, we would say that they live up to your expectations and are surprisingly good.

Where are Emeril’s Forever Pans Made?

As of this writing, we are unsure who makes Emeril’s Forever Pans. This isn’t openly featured by Emeril, but we will take a guess and assume it’s made in China. Many of his other cookware pieces are produced in China. Despite that, they are made with exacting quality.

Where are Emeril Lagasse Forever Pans made? This will be updated if more information comes to light, but all we can do now is speculate.

Are Emeril Forever Pans Safe?

The question of safety comes up frequently with any new cookware set, especially nonstick ones as there are worries about the nonstick coating being toxic. Not only is the nonstick coating here very durable, but it’s triple clad to ensure it lasts 10 times longer than traditional nonstick coatings.

Not only that, but the hard-anodized aluminum body is extremely resilient and able to withstand over 80,000 abrasions. Few other cookware sets can claim to be this durable. You can also place the pots and pans in both the oven and dishwasher without worrying.

Can Emeril Pans Go in the Oven?

Can Emeril Lagasse pans go in the oven? You always want to check this before throwing pots and pans in the oven, especially if they are nonstick. The good news though is that this cookware is oven safe up to 500°F.

So, can Emeril cookware go in the oven? Yes, the Forever pans can easily go in the oven to finish off your fantastic recipes.

Can Emeril Cookware Go in the Dishwasher?

Yes, the pots, pans, and glass lids from the Forever Everyday line are dishwasher safe. This makes it much easier to clean them. Just remove what you can, put it in the dishwasher, and let it do the heavy work.

How to Season Emeril Forever Pans?

You don’t need to season Emeril Everyday pans as they are already nonstick, but you can do this to give them extra protection or to make them even more nonstick. This is just like seasoning any other cookware.

Clean the pot or pan with dish soap and water. Dry with a soft cloth and then heat the pan with either the stove or oven. Add some oil (any will do). Remove the cookware from the heat and run oil into the cookware with a paper towel. Discard the excess oil and you’re all finished seasoning the pan.

What Are Emeril Forever Pans Made Of?

Just like with other nonstick cookware, you might be wondering what materials you’re actually getting with the pots and pans. The pan body is made from hard-anodized aluminum while the nonstick coat is applied in three layers for enhanced durability.

Where to Buy Emeril Forever Pans?

You can find this set at many retailers, but we suggest buying from Amazon as you can take advantage of Prime free shipping and other rewards and discounts.

Is Emeril Cookware Stainless Steel or Aluminum?

It depends on which set you’re talking about, but the Forever Everyday Emeril set is made from aluminum with nonstick coating applied to it. This material is durable and known for excellent heat distribution.