Ultrean vs GoWise Air Fryer (Read Before You Buy)

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Air fryers have become one of those kitchen staples. We all love crispy food while disliking difficult clean ups or eating too many calories. Air fryers tick all these boxes, but there are so many now that it can be hard to pick the right one. Our Ultrean vs GoWise air fryer review will compare these two popular brands to see which is best.

Our GoWise vs Ultrean air fryer review will compare these based on user reviews, functions, power, size, and any other differences we find.

Read on and find out which air fryer is right for your kitchen.

Ultrean Air FryerGoWise Air Fryer

Is Ultrean a Good Air Fryer?

This is a great question. Is Ultrean a good brand? Many people wonder this because this brand isn’t as popular as others, and being half the price of other great air fryers might make you second guess how good this really is.

However, being one of the top Amazon air fryers certainly makes a difference, and it adds legitimacy to air fryers from Ultrean. While this doesn’t have all the bells and whistles when compared to Instant Vortex or Ninja, it has all the best features if you want to fry food without all the oil.

So yes, it’s a good brand that many people have invited into their kitchen.

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Is GoWise a Good Air Fryer?

What about these air fryers. Is GoWise a good brand? Being among the top 10 Amazon air fryers, these models deserve a spot in your kitchen because they have lots of presets, great power, and can cook all the major meals and snacks that you love.

Not only that, but air fryers from GoWise are at a great price point. You can easily afford this and you’ll be so happy that you bought one. Now you can finally enjoy crispy food without feeling guilty. Another massive benefit is that GoWise fryers are simple to clean.

We’d agree that GoWise is a contender for one of the best fryers around.

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What Others Say

We combed through the air fryer user reviews to see what people are saying about these two brands. Which is better between Ultrean vs GoWise? They both look similar and are very popular, but let’s see how good they really are in the kitchen.

User reviews tell you how well these function in the real world. There are hundreds of products that look amazing, but are awful when you really get them. So, let’s see what others are saying.

Ultrean Air Fryer Amazon Reviews

Let’s see what the Ultrean air fryer user reviews are. Would you believe that Ultrean currently sits among the top 5 air fryers on Amazon? It’s rare to find something so popular that’s also an affordable price.

This model currently holds a 4.7 rating and has more than 8,500 reviews. That means that many people have had a chance to try it out, and the reviews are amazing. Many people are saying that the food is crisp, cooked quickly, and that this is one of the easiest air fryers they’ve ever used.

Many also say this is the best air fryer for pizza because the fryer basket easily fits an 8-inch pizza.

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GoWise Air Fryer Amazon Reviews

Despite having more overall reviews, the GoWise air fryer is closer to the top 10 air fryers on Amazon. That’s not to say that it isn’t popular or doesn’t have a lot of reviews. It actually has even more reviews than Ultrean and a similar rating. We think that Ultrean has just captured the current market better.

With a 4.6 rating and over 30K reviews, you’d be crazy to think this isn’t a fantastic air fryer. It offers many features, is simple to use, and has lots of room for all the meals you can think of.


We’d say that nearly all modern models are multifunction air fryers. It’s rare to find a model that only has an on and off function. Most modern air fryers either have numerous presets or functions.

These allow your air fryer to do more, and they make it easier to cook all your favorite meals. Let’s compare the functions here to see which is best.

Ultrean Air Fryer Functions

  • Toast
  • Chips/Fries
  • Frozen Fries
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Shrimp
  • Steak
  • Fish
  • Pizza
  • Cake

You also get manual settings. These allow you to cook any other meal that isn’t covered by the presets here, and it also lets you customize the presets. The presets cover most of the meals you can think of, and it ensures you can cook lunch, dinner, snacks, and any other meal with ease.

GoWise Air Fryer Functions

  • Fries/Chips
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Cake
  • Fish
  • Pizza

You may notice this is almost the same as Ultrean, but there are a few presets that are lacking. Overall though, this covers most meals and recipes, so you should have no problem cooking recipes you find online, or old family recipes that have been passed down.

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Feature Comparison

These two are almost the same, but we have to give the win to Ultrean because it includes presets for frozen fries and toasting. At the same time, both of these can cook the same recipes with ease, so we can’t say it’s a huge one, but who doesn’t want more features?

GoWise vs Ultrean Air Fryer: Power

How many watts does a good air fryer need? We’ve written many air fryer comparisons and reviews, and we found that wattage is really important when it comes to cooking crispy food.

This measurement essentially lets you know how quickly the air fryer heats up, but more importantly, how well it keeps its heat. A low wattage air fryer will often lose temperature while it’s cooking. This is especially true with frozen food and if the basket is full.

We would say the absolute lowest you should choose is a 1000W air fryer, but a 1500W air fryer is much better. With that being said, which is better when it comes to Ultrean air fryer vs GoWise air fryer?

This is actually a tie here. Both of them are 1700W air fryers. This means that they have no problem warming up and keeping their temperature, even if you’re cooking a full basket of frozen food.

Ultrean vs GoWise Air Fryer: Size

Both of these brands offer numerous models at varying sizes and capacities, but we’re specifically looking at the Ultrean 5.8 quart air fryer and the GoWise 5.8 quart air fryer in this review.

That being said, they are identical in their capacity.

Now sometimes we have found that air fryers have different basket shapes. For example, one may be circular while the other is square. However, they are both circular here. In fact, we think you’d have a hard time telling them apart if you only looked at the baskets.

Both are able to fit fries, pizzas, cakes, veggies, meat, and more. Not only that, but a 5.8qt air fryer is able to cook around 1.5lbs of fries, 1.5lbs of veggies, about 8-12 chicken wings, an 8-inch pizza, or a 7-8 inch cake.

You can comfortably feed around 4-5 people with an air fryer this size.

Since we couldn’t find any significant difference here, we have to call it a tie here.

What is the Difference Between Ultrean and GoWise Air Fryers?

Curious about what’s the difference between GoWise and Ultrean air fryers? They look similar and honestly they were nearly identical when we reviewed them, but we were able to find a few differences.

Other Ultrean air fryer reviews:

Let’s first look at the similarities. Both have similar ratings, lots of presets, the same capacity and fryer basket shape, the same power, and both have a similar overall shape and size.

So what about the differences? Ultrean comes with two extra presets: frozen fries and toast. This makes it more versatile, though both are similar in this regard. Perhaps the biggest difference is price. Ultrean costs about half of what GoWise does, yet they are nearly identical in how they function.

With that being said, we think most people would prefer Ultrean, but both of these are amazing.

Ultrean Air FryerGoWise Air Fryer

Final Thoughts

With these two air fryers being so similar, it really comes down to price. Due to that, we have to give the win to Ultrean. Both of these air fryers are great, and they definitely deserve their high spots on the Amazon charts. However, since they function nearly the same, we think most people will be happier with Ultrean.

The build quality is slightly better with GoWise, so we can see why some people would prefer it, but Ultrean was the winner in our minds here.