Best Smoker Grill Combo: Traeger vs Z Grills vs Pit Boss vs Weber

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Why have a smoker or a grill when you can have both? These four smoker grill combo brands are the best of the best, but which one is right for you? It’s a battle between Traeger vs Z Grills vs Pit Boss vs Weber grills. We’re not just going to cover the best smoker grill combo for grilling season. We’re going to directly compare them to show you how each stacks up.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 780

Traeger Grills Pro 780 Starter Bundle is one of the best grill smoker combos out there. Not only are you getting Traeger WiFIRE technology and a huge grill, but you’re also getting a grill cover and Traeger Signature wood pellets. You can buy the grill by itself (link), but we suggest the whole combo to get you started right.

Now, what do you actually get with the Traeger 780? The Pro 780 6-in-1 allows you to grill, smoke, roast, bake, BBQ, and braise all from the same grill. Best of all, you gain WiFIRE technology. This connects the smart smoker grill controls to your home WiFi. Now you can control the grill from an app, isn’t that something? Set temperatures, getting notifications when meals are done, and see how the grill smoker is doing right from your couch.

What about voice controls? You get those too! Traeger WiFIRE is Alexa-compatible, which means that you can tell the grill to turn on, off, change temperatures, and more.

We’ve talked enough about the tech, what about the actual grilling and smoking?

Traeger 780 earned its name by offering 780 sq in of cooking space. That’s 34 burgers, 6 whole chickens, or 6 rib racks. Plus, the built-in meat probe ensures you get the tenderest, juiciest internal temperature every time.

Whether you’re grilling or smoking, this only uses pure wood smoke to cook all your food, which creates a rich, smoky taste you need to try. Load the hopper with up to 18lbs of wood pellets and set the right temperature for your needs.

Traeger 780 is easily one of the best outdoor smoker grills, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

Z Grills 700 Grill Smoker 8-in-1

If you’re looking for a grill smoker combination that’s more affordable, then Z Grills 700 8-in-1 Grill is exactly what you need. While it doesn’t have the app controls you get with Traeger, it’s a fantastic grill smoker with lots of other features.

Z Grills uses smart smoke technology with their digital controller. This means that you get simple, digital controls right from the hopper itself. You can load up to 20lbs of wood pellets and then set the temperature anywhere from 180ºF to 450ºF in 20-degree increments. It’s simple and ensures you get perfect smoking every time.

You also get lots of cooking space. Z Grills 700 gives you 700 sq in of cooking space split between two racks. There’s the 513 sq in main rack, and then the 187 sq in warm rack right above it. That’s enough for 20 burgers, 6 racks of ribs, or 5 whole chickens. It’s all cooked by premium hardwood smoke, the best there is.

Not only that, but you also get Z Grills accessories. This comes with an official Z Grills apron, tongs, cleaning brush, wireless meat thermometer, and grill seal tape. You also get a grill cover.

If you want an affordable grill smoker combo, then Z Grills 700 8-in-1 is the right one for you.

Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) Smoker Grill

If you’re looking for a huge grill with lots of features, then Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) is a top contender. If we had to choose between any grills here it would be Traeger Pro 780 vs Weber SmokeFire EX6. Both are large and packed with features. While Weber doesn’t have quite as much tech, it has a lot going for it.

This grill behemoth gives you 1,008 sq in of cooking space spread over two racks. The large hopper has a 20lb capacity for wood pellets, and it has a DC-powered engine to ensure the auger never jams. Plus, the grill reaches an impressive 200-600°F, which is easily enough for either pure smoking or high-heating grilling. It even sears as it smokes.

Many combination smoker grills can be hard to clean, but the Weber ash and grease drawer ensures that everything drips into a removable drawer. You even get a plastic scraper to push leftovers into the drawer.

One of the most unique features is the Weber flavorizer bars. These bars ensure direct and consistent heat. Many wood pellet grills use diffuser plates. These let in the smoke, but not the fire. You get both with Weber smoker grills.

Weber Connect is a handy app as well. You’ll get notifications on your device about when to flip food, when your meal is ready, and handy tips for making the best steak, chicken, or burgers of your life.

PIT BOSS 10532 PB0500SP Wood Pellet Grill

The Pit Boss 500SP, also known as the Pit Boss Sportsman 500SP, is similar to the Z Grills model. While it lacks some of the tech found with Traeger or Weber, it’s quite affordable and has lots of premium features like eight cooking features, and a slide broiler.

So, what are you getting with the Pit Boss smoker grill combo? This is a sizable grill that offers 542 sq in of cooking space. That’s plenty for about two dozen burgers, so feed the whole family and friends with ease. There’s also a slide plate flame broiler for extra cooking.

The grill comes with eight features. This Pit Boss 8-in-1 can grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, BBQ, sear, and char-grill. That’s a lot for a very affordable package.

As with all the others, this uses hardwood pellets as fuel to make your meat and veggies taste delicious. The 15lb hopper will ensure consistent temperature ranging from 180°F to 500°F. You’ll also have no problem setting the right temperature for your needs.

You also get a handy 2-in-1 stainless steel side shelf with a removable tray. Not only that, but there’s a spice rack so that you’re ready to season right at the grill.

Which Smoker Grill Combo is the Best?

Traeger Smoker Grill

  • Traeger vs Z Grills: Larger cooking surface, WiFIRE phone integration, Alexa, more features
  • Traeger vs Pit Boss: Much larger cooking surface, WiFIRE and Alexa, better performance
  • Traeger vs Weber: WiFIRE and Alexa, better phone integration

Z Grills Smoker Grill

  • Z Grills vs Traeger: More affordable, similar cooking space, larger hopper, lots of accessories
  • Z Grills vs Pit Boss: Similar price, better digital control panel, more accessories
  • Z Grills vs Weber: More affordable, lots of accessories

Pit Boss Smoker Grill

  • Pit Boss vs Traeger: More affordable, very handy stainless steel side shelf
  • Pit Boss vs Z Grills: Similar price, better side shelf, some extra features
  • Pit Boss vs Weber: More affordable, very handy stainless steel side shelf

Weber Smoker Grill

  • Weber vs Traeger: Larger cooking surface, more temperature probes, flavorizer bars
  • Weber vs Z Grills: Much larger, more features, flavorizer bars
  • Weber vs Pit Boss: Significantly larger, much more features, flavorizer bars

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best smoker grill combo, then it’s going to be one of these four brands. If you want the biggest grill with the most features, then it comes down to Traeger grill vs Weber grill. For those who want to save some money but still have hardwood smoked meals, then it comes down to Z Grills vs Pit Boss grills.

Be sure to let us know which one you choose for grilling season.