Which Hamilton Beach Flex Brew is Best?

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The Hamilton Beach Flex Brew line is some of their most advanced and versatile coffee makers ever. Now, you might know that Hamilton Beach coffee makers come in many shapes and sizes, so how can we be sure that FlexBrew really is one of their best? Don’t worry, by the end of this you’ll see what makes these coffee makers so impressive. Not only that, but we’re going to compare the top three models to see which is best to quench your caffeine cravings.

So, which Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is best? Read on and you’ll find out soon enough.

FlexBrew Single ServeFlexBrew 2-WayFlexBrew Trio

What is Hamilton Beach Flex Brew?

Curious about what makes the FlexBrew coffee maker different from the rest? Each model is somewhat different, but they all share the design philosophy of being more versatile than a standard coffee maker. Now, the exact type of versatility you can expect differs on the model you choose.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in the following sections.

FlexBrew Hamilton Beach coffee makers all offer single-serve options, and usually up to a 14oz travel mug size. The smallest unit only offers this while the larger two also allow for carafe brewing if you need a lot of coffee.

Most also have options for changing the brew strength or otherwise adjusting the drink so it’s perfect. All Flex Brew coffee makers offer at least two ways to brew, but the largest model offers three ways.

If you frequently find yourself struggling to choose between coffee grounds and K-Cups or going between wanting a full carafe or just a single mug, then the FlexBrew line might be right for you.

Hamilton Beach Flex Brew

Coffee Options

As we said above, each model offers you at least two coffee options. However, the exact options depend on which model you choose. Here we’ll discuss the different options so that you know what you’re getting.

The options for these three models include:

FlexBrew Single ServeFlexBrew 2-Way Single Serve and PotFlexBrew Trio
Option 1K-Cup single-serveGround coffee single-serveK-Cup single-serve
Option 2Ground coffee single-serveGround coffee carafeGround coffee single-serve
Option 3N/AN/AGround coffee carafe

Just to break this down a little further, both the FlexBrew Single Serve and FlexBrew Trio use K-Cups along with ground coffee. The FlexBrew 2-Way only uses ground coffee, but it brews both a single mug or a whole carafe based on your needs.

If you want the most options, then the FlexBrew Trio gives you everything. FlexBrew 2-Way is a close second, but it’s inability to use K-Cups might prove problematic for some people. The FlexBrew Single Serve is versatile, but it only makes one mug at a time.

Hamilton Beach Flex Brew 2-Way


Some coffee makers can only brew coffee while others have extra functions so that you can customize your drink and make it better for your preferences. Are any of the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew models like that? Yes, some are.

The FlexBrew Single Serve doesn’t have any special functions like this. It can only brew the ground coffee or K-Cups without doing anything else. It’s standard, but that’s not a bad thing. If you prefer a medium or mild cup of coffee, then this is probably fine.

Both the FlexBrew 2-Way and Trio have similar functions. They allow you to choose between regular and bold coffee, are programmable for coffee when you need it, and keep your coffee warm for two hours before automatically shutting off. You can also program whether you want to brew a single mug or whole carafe.

If you love bold coffee or want to program the coffee maker, then you’ll want either the 2-Way or Trio. If neither of these functions matter to you, then the Single Serve might be best for you.

Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Trio

Brewing Size

Being able to switch between either single-serve or carafe brewing with the two larger FlexBrew models is impressive, but how much coffee can Hamilton Beach Flex Brew make? Let’s break that down here. Each model is a little different.

The brewing sizes for each model include:

FlexBrew Single ServeFlexBrew 2-WayFlexBrew Trio
Single Serve10oz or 14oz14oz10oz or 14oz
CarafeN/A12 cups12 cups

Once again, the Flex Brew Trio is the most versatile model here. It gives you the most brewing options, which is great if you love having a specific amount of coffee. However, the Flex Brew 2-Way is close as well by allowing you to brew both a single cup or whole pot. While Flex Brew Single Serve isn’t quite as versatile, it gives you plenty of size options for single-serve coffee, from a small cup to a large travel mug.

Differences Between Hamilton Beach Flex Brews

We covered how these coffee makers differ in terms of brew size and types of coffee (ground or K-Cups). We also talked about the available functions and programming. This section will discuss any differences that didn’t fit in the above sections. This might be the final chance for a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew to catch your attention.

The HB FlexBrew Single Serve model is specifically for brewing one cup at a time. That might be too small for a family, but it’s ideal for one or two people. It comes with an empty K-Cup-like accessory that you can fill with coffee grounds.

The HB FlexBrew 2-Way only uses coffee grounds and won’t work with K-Cups, but it’s better than a standard coffee maker in that you can choose between a carafe or single mug. While it does lack versatility compared to the Trio, it’s still more useful than a regular coffee maker.

Lastly we have the HB FlexBrew Trio. This accepts ground coffee and K-Cups equally, and you can choose between either single-serve or carafe brewing. It also has somewhat more advanced programming functions than the 2-Way. In general it’s the best of the three, but all the extra functions come at a price.

How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Want to know how to clean Hamilton Beach coffee makers like the FlexBrew? It’s simple. You can check the official Hamilton Beach guide on cleaning coffee makers, but we’ll summarize it for you.

Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and place either a mug or carafe under the drip. Wait for 30 seconds and then push the brew button. Wait for 30 minutes and then fill the reservoir with water and run another cycle to clean out the vinegar and any descaled minerals.

That’s all there is to it. See, couldn’t be easier.

How to Use Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

These coffee makers are simple to use. Start by loading your coffee, either the K-Cup or ground coffee. If you’re using the Single Serve, then push the brew button to start brewing. If you have either the 2-Way or Trio, then select whether you want mug or carafe brewing and then brew.

Both of these models are also programmable. Select the time you want them to start brewing and they will wait patiently until that time. If you’d like to make stronger coffee, then push the “Strength” button to choose between regular and bold.

That’s really it. Now start making that delicious coffee.

Which Hamilton Beach Flex Brew is Best?

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve

  • FlexBrew Single Serve vs FlexBrew 2-Way: more affordable, accepts K-Cups and coffee grounds
  • FlexBrew Single Serve vs FlexBrew Trio: more affordable

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way

  • FlexBrew 2-Way vs FlexBrew Single Serve: carafe and single-serve brewing, programmable brewing, strength options
  • FlexBrew 2-Way vs FlexBrew Trio: more affordable, many of the same features

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio

  • FlexBrew Trio vs FlexBrew Single Serve: carafe and single-serve brewing, programmable brewing, strength options
  • FlexBrew Trio vs FlexBrew 2-Way: accepts K-Cups and ground coffee, somewhat better programming
FlexBrew Single ServeFlexBrew 2-WayFlexBrew Trio

Final Thoughts

All of the Flex Brew coffee makers are versatile and useful. But, which one is best for you? That largely depends on your needs as each serves a different purpose. The FlexBrew Single Serve is great if you want to make a single cup at a time and switch between K-Cups and coffee grounds. The FlexBrew 2-Way only uses coffee grounds, but it allows you to choose between a single serving or carafe while also having strength options. The FlexBrew Trio is similar, but it also takes both K-Cups and coffee grounds.

Consider what type of brewing is most important to you and you should have no problem finding the best Hamilton Beach coffee maker for your needs.