Instant Pot Duo Plus vs Duo Evo Plus (Which is Best?)

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Instant Pot is currently the top electronic pressure cooker manufacturer. While most of their models succeed because they are versatile and easy to use, they also have some models that really push the boundaries of what a pressure cooker can do. Two such models are the Instant Pot Duo Plus and its successor, Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus. Today we’re going to compare Instant Pot Duo Plus vs Duo Evo Plus to see which reigns supreme.

Both of these have a lot of power and many features. But, is the Duo Evo Plus really the best for your needs, or is the Duo Plus with its lower price tag and fantastic features good enough to satisfy all your meal cravings? Read on as we compare the two.

Instant Pot Duo PlusInstant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus vs Duo Evo Plus: Appliances

Instant Pot multicookers come packed with appliances, and no two models show this off better than Duo Plus and Duo Evo Plus. They are packed to the brim with appliances and only a couple of Instant Pots can meet or exceed them (namely Duo Crisp, Ultra, and Max, we compared these against the Duo Nova if you’re curious).

So, which one comes out on top here? Let’s go over the list and find out.

ApplianceInstant Pot Duo PlusInstant Pot Duo Evo Plus
Pressure CookerYesYes
Slow CookerYesYes
Rice CookerYesYes
Saute PanYesYes
Egg CookerYesNo
Yogurt MakerYesYes
Food WarmerYesYes
Cake MakerNoYes
Stock PotNoYes
Sous VideNoYes

If we are going strictly by the numbers, then Duo Evo Plus wins by having one extra appliance. However, as you might notice, it’s not quite as easy as that. While Duo Evo Plus has the cake maker, stock pot, and sous vide functions, Duo Plus has both the egg cooker and sterilizer function.

The Duo Plus is billed as the best for parents, and that sterilizer function is exactly why. While it may not have features specifically for cake baking, stock pot, or sous vide, all three of these can be replicated by using another appliance like the pressure cooker or slow cooker.

However, the same can also be said for Duo Evo Plus. It can easily cook eggs, but it’s not built for sterilizing.

So, we are going to call this section a conditional tie. If you’re a parent or really need to sterilize items, then Duo Plus is better. If sterilizing doesn’t matter to you, then Duo Evo Plus is the winner.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Duo Evo Plus vs Duo Plus: Smart Programs

Unlike most other pressure cookers, Instant Pot includes a microprocessor in all their models that carefully watches over your food. It adjusts the time and temp as needed to ensure you get perfect meals every time. Think of it as a tiny chef watching over your food.

Manual controls are there if you need them, but Smart Programs are honestly the best way to cook. So, when it comes to Duo Evo Plus vs Duo Plus, which pressure cooker gives you the most Smart Programs?

Honestly, it’s no contest here. Duo Plus has a very impressive 15 Smart Programs for common ingredients, but Duo Evo Plus has 48 presets to choose from. Not only that, but the presets are customizable, so you can change them if needed.

Both are great here, we don’t want you to think the 15 Smart Programs with Duo Plus is bad, but the Duo Evo Plus really knocks it out of the park here.

That being said, the customizable nature of the presets means there is room for error. The Duo Plus will make perfect food every time. The Duo Evo Plus should do the same, but messing with the preset too much might make your food less than perfect. It should be fine though as long as you don’t completely change the preset.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Duo Plus vs Duo Evo Plus: Sizes

This battle between Duo Plus and Duo Evo Plus has been pretty close so far. There was no clear winner when it came to appliances, and there’s even some give-and-take with the Smart Programs. So, what about sizes? Is one model better than the other.

They are similar here as well, but one of them offers an additional size.

When it comes to Duo Evo Plus, you can choose between either Duo Evo Plus 6qt or Duo Evo Plus 8qt. Those are both common sizes that are ideal for families.

However, the Duo Plus offers something extra. There’s the Duo Plus 6qt and Duo Plus 8qt (those are the two most popular sizes), but there’s also the Duo Plus 3qt. If you’re cooking for yourself and maybe one other person, then the 3qt size might be fine, but it’s not enough for families.

While having the extra size is nice, it’s hard to say that Duo Plus is the winner here. Both models have the 6qt and 8qt sizes, and that’s what most people want. Having a 3qt pressure cooker is great, but only some people will get use from it. So while this is a win for Duo Plus, it’s not a tremendous victory.

What is the Difference Between Duo Plus and Duo Evo Plus?

We’ve covered several different aspects, but there are other differences you should be aware of. We use this section to convey all the other differences that wouldn’t fit in the other areas. This gives you a better understanding of what you can expect when you buy one of these Instant Pots.

Both of these Instant Pots have many advanced features, but the Duo Evo Plus isn’t just the newer model of the two. It’s also one of Instant Pot’s most advanced. It comes with diffused steam release that is even safer than the Easy Steam Release feature (which both models share). The Quick Cool lid cools significantly faster than any other Instant Pot in existence.

That’s not all. The inner cooking pot has easy grips that make it easy to lift and move around. Speaking of moving it around, the inner cooking pot is stovetop friendly, so feel free to set it on a burner (be sure to check the Duo Evo Plus manual for more information about this). All of these features are exclusive to the Duo Evo Plus not just in this competition, but against all other Instant Pots.

At the same time, you are paying for all these extra features. While you are getting significantly more features and the 48 presets, the Duo Plus is nearly as good and costs significantly less.

Instant Pot Duo PlusInstant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Final Thoughts

Which is better, Duo Plus or Duo Evo Plus? That’s difficult because they both have pros and cons. Instant Pot Duo Plus has one extra size, nearly as many appliances, and a lower price tag. Plus, it has the sterilizer function, which you won’t find with Duo Evo Plus.

However, the Duo Evo Plus has three times as many presets and they’re customizable, it has superior safety functions, a stovetop friendly cooking pot, and more appliances overall. If you don’t mind paying a little more, then the Duo Evo Plus is our favorite here. If you want an advanced Instant Pot at a somewhat smaller price tag, then the Duo Plus might be right for you.