Instant Pot Pro vs Pro Plus (Is a Wireless Pressure Cooker Worth It?)

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The Instant Pot family is constantly growing and there have been two new additions that many people love. Today we’re comparing Instant Pot Pro vs Pro Plus. Both of these are similar, but the Pro Plus has some unique features that make it worth the extra cost. Not only that, but the price difference is minimal, so you aren’t saving much by choosing Pro. But let’s see which is better.

Today our Instant Pot Pro Plus vs Pro review will compare these based on overall reviews, the appliances they have, Smart Programs, the sizes offered, and any other differences that we find.

Read on to see which deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Instant Pot ProInstant Pot Pro Plus

What is Instant Pot Pro?

The Pro Instant Pot model is one of their newest ones. It’s similar to many of the other models, but it takes all the best features from the last generation and combines them. Not only that, but it has many new features that make it easier to use than ever.

It has a completely new microprocessor that’s more accurate, and it has easy handles for the pot and a super easy steam release. Not only that, but this happens to be one of the quietest Instant Pots, so you won’t even hear it as you’re cooking.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to get your very first Instant Pot, this is a great model for your kitchen.

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What is Instant Pot Pro Plus?

The Pro Plus Instant Pot is very similar to the Pro model. It comes with basically all the same features, but there are two differences. One of them is the display, which looks better and is much better than the Pro’s (which, by the way, happens to already be one of the brightest and best of these pressure cookers).

The more important difference is that Pro Plus has a wireless connection that allows you to cook right from your phone. Whether you’re at home or outside, you can easily control the appliance right from your device. This is ideal for setting cooking times, seeing when meals are doing, setting your slow cooker, and much more.

While it is a little more expensive than Pro, the wireless connection is definitely worth it.

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What Others are Saying

While we have our own opinion, it’s good to see what others are saying about these competing pressure cookers. Let’s take a look at them to see what everyone thinks about them.

Instant Pot Pro Reviews

Let’s take a look at the Instant Pot Pro Amazon reviews to see how much people like it. With about 2K reviews and a 4.7 rating, this is lauded as one of the best new additions to this large pressure cooker family. New owners focused on how surprisingly easy it was to use. Those who upgraded focused on how this builds on everything else that made previous models great.

Overall, these reviews are glowing and it shows that people really love this pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Pro Plus Reviews

Let’s compare that with the Instant Pot Pro Plus Amazon reviews. With even more reviews, about 3K right now and the same 4.7 rating, this is an even more popular model. Much like with Pro, many people are gushing about how easy this model is to use. The major difference is that many are talking about how well this WiFi pressure cooker works, and that it cooks food extremely quickly.

They are similar here, but Pro Plus has even more reviews.


If you’ve looked at any of these pressure cookers before, then you know that they have lots of appliances. Even the oldest and weakest Instant Pots have at least half a dozen appliances. Both of these are described as 10-in-1 pressure cookers, but are there any differences in the 10 appliances they offer?

Let’s take a look and see what each of these offer:

AppliancesInstant Pot Pro PlusInstant Pot Pro
Pressure CookerYesYes
Rice CookerYesYes
Slow CookerYesYes
Yogurt MakerYesYes
Cake MakerNoYes
Sous VideYesYes

As you can see, these both have fantastic features with the pressure cooker, slow cooker, grain cooker, saute pan, and so on. Each of these offer one appliance that the other doesn’t. The Pro model has a cake maker feature while Pro Plus offers NutriBoost.

Let’s examine these to see which is better.

The cake maker with Pro is pretty good. It’s great for making delicious, moist cakes as long as you have the right ingredients. You hardly need to think about the cooking. If you make lots of cakes, then this is amazing, but it’s fairly easy to replicate with manual settings.

The NutriBoost setting on Pro Plus though is harder to replicate. This is able to break down starches and grains much better than other settings. Not only do they cook faster, but you get more nutrients from them. You’ll love this setting if you want to maximize your health or just cook potatoes and other hard vegetables quickly.

While it’s a tie in terms of number, Pro Plus sneaks out a victory here.

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Instant Pot Pro Plus vs Pro: Smart Programs

This one might surprise you when we first describe it, but Pro Plus is the winner here as well. Let’s first go over what Smart Programs are. These are unique to Instant Brand pressure cookers in that they are programs that allow the built in microprocessor to better control your cooking.

These programs are often made for common meal items like meat, rice, stew, and so on. Not only that, but you can often customize the program so that it matches your taste preferences.

The Pro comes with 28 programs. These are able to cook just about anything you can think of. The programs are all customizable, and you can even add five to your favorite’s list so they are easier to access.

At first glance the Pro Plus only comes with 8 programs. That might sound disappointing, but let’s talk about the Instant Brand Connect App. This app is what you’ll use to control the pressure cooker. There are hundreds of recipes and programs that you can access from there. This means that every meal has its own specific program.

As long as you use your phone, then Pro Plus is significantly better. However, Pro has lots of programs and it is one of the best Instant Pot multicookers as well.

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Instant Pot Pro vs Pro Plus: Sizes

You want to make sure you get the right pressure cooker size for your family. Getting one that’s too small means you’ll be cooking meals in batches. That’s both slow and annoying. However, getting one that’s too big means that you have a hulking machine that’s hard to place anywhere.

It all comes down to how many people you want to feed.

The smallest pressure cookers are 3qt and are good for one or two people. The most common sizes are 6qt and 8qt. The 6qt is good for a small family or meal prepping while the 8qt is good for larger families and parties.

Let’s see if there’s any difference between what is offered for each model.

Instant Pot Pro Sizes

  • Instant Pot Pro 6qt
  • Instant Pot Pro 8qt

Instant Pot Pro Plus Sizes

  • Instant Pot Pro Plus 6qt

While neither model offers the most sizes (for example, the Duo Nova has 3qt, 6qt, 8qt, and 10qt sizes), it is disappointing that there isn’t an Instant Pot Pro Plus 8qt size. At the same time, at least you’re getting one of their most popular sizes with the 6qt.

What’s the Difference Between Instant Pot Pro and Pro Plus?

Curious about what’s the difference between Instant Pot Pro Plus and Pro? While they look fairly similar on the outside, there are a lot of differences between them.

You’ll also want to see our other Pro reviews, you can find them here:

Let’s get the biggest difference out of the way. The Pro Plus is a Wi-Fi connected pressure cooker that you can connect right to your device. This allows you to cook anywhere in the house, and you can easily monitor your food’s progress no matter where you are. Another benefit is that you can automatically set your pressure cooker to cook any of the hundreds of recipes on the Instant Brands app.

While both pressure cookers include 10 appliances, Pro Plus is better with its NutriBoost appliance, though the cake maker with Pro is pretty good. Pro has more Smart Programs on the pressure cooker itself, but you can easily select any of the programs from the Instant app for the Pro Plus. Pro does have one extra size, but they both include the popular 6qt size.

Instant Pot ProInstant Pot Pro Plus

Final Thoughts

So, which is the winner here? Since their prices are so similar, we are giving the win to Instant Pot Pro Plus. Pro is a great model, but the Pro Plus offers many of the same features along with a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it so much easier to cook and monitor your food. However, Pro is still a great model and they both deserve a place in your kitchen.