PowerXL vs Emeril Air Fryer Oven: Which is Best?

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We covered this in our Air Fryer Oven review, but we figured it’d be good to take a more detailed look at these models to see which one is really best for your kitchen. Today we’re comparing PowerXL vs Emeril air fryers. Specifically, we’re comparing PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 8-in-1 vs Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Oven. 

So, who’s better in the Emeril vs PowerXL air fryer oven debate? We’re going to look at functions, capacity, accessories, price, power, and any other differences that we find. 

Read on to see which air fryer oven is best. 

PowerXL Air Fryer OvenEmeril Air Fryer Oven

PowerXL vs Emeril: Functions 

Much like with Instant Pots and traditional air fryers, air fryer ovens are known for having lots of functions. Gone are the days of having an application with only a single function. Both of these models come with multiple functions so that you can cook a variety of meals, but which one has more? More importantly, which air fryer has the best functions? 

Let’s start with the PowerXL Air Fryer Oven functions. You eight functions and they are: 

  • Grill 
  • Air fry 
  • Rotisserie 
  • Bake/Pizza 
  • Broil 
  • Sear 
  • Toast 
  • Reheat 

That’s a really good list and covers most basic ingredients and recipes. 

What about Emeril? The Emeril Air Fryer Oven functions include 12 different options. They are: 

  • Air Fry 
  • Bake 
  • Rotisserie 
  • Dehydrate 
  • Toast 
  • Reheat 
  • Roast 
  • Broil 
  • Bagel 
  • Pizza 
  • Slow Cook 
  • Warm/Reheat 

Not only does Emeril have more functions, but they are more useful as well. This allows you to make more recipes, which is ideal for those who want more involves recipes or more complicated meals. Plus, this gives the Emeril fryer oven more versatility overall. 

PowerXL has many good functions, but Emeril is the clear winner here. 

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Emeril vs PowerXL: Capacity 

Air fryer ovens are nearly identical to convection ovens. The one major difference is their size, which reduces their capacity but also makes them more convenient. You can fit these ovens on any countertop. That being said, you want to ensure you have enough capacity for your meals. 

Sometimes there is an unexpected difference when it comes to capacity, and you’ll see that very soon here. 

The Emeril XL Air Fryer Oven capacity is 930 cubic inches. Guess what? The PowerXL Air Fryer Oven capacity is also 930 cubic inches. That’s enough for six juicy burgers, three bagels sliced in half, six slices of bread, or a small pizza. 

That should be the end, right? It’s a tie, move on, next category. But it’s not. While they have the same capacity based on cubic inches, there is one big distinction here. Poxer XL air fryer is a little taller, and this makes a big difference with the rotisserie function. 

Both of these come with a rotisserie function, and they both work great as well. You can fit a whole chicken on the spit and evenly heat it for a juicy, delicious dinner. However, PowerXL is able to fit a 10lb chicken while Emeril fits 4-5lb chickens at best. 

If we’re only counting flat space, then it’s a tie. If we’re considering the overall capacity, then PowerXL wins big with the rotisserie function, but otherwise they are identical. 

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Sometimes accessories are just nice to have while other times they are essential. We would consider them more essential with air fryer ovens. For example, without racks and trays, all you have is a big empty space to heat your food. 

However, add in a few trays and you can organize your ingredients and make a fantastic meal with ease. It’s all about getting the tools you need. So, what air fryer accessories do you get with these models? 

The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill comes with a 6-piece or 8-piece accessory kit depending on which one you purchase. We prefer the 8-piece of course, but the other package is fine as well. The accessories you get with the 8-piece include: 

  • Nonstick grill grate 
  • Nonstick griddle pan 
  • Stainless steel mesh fry basket 
  • Baking pan 
  • Stainless steel roasting rack 
  • Rotisserie spit 
  • Egg/muffin pan 
  • Drip tray 
  • Recipe book (extra accessory!) 

That’s a good collection of accessories, and really it prepares you for just about any meal. 

The Emeril XL Air Fryer 360 accessories include five pieces that make the oven more versatile. The accessories include: 

  • Crisper tray 
  • Rotisserie spit 
  • Pizza rack 
  • Baking pan 
  • Drip tray 
  • Emeril Lagasse cookbook (extra accessory!) 

Both accessory kits give you enough pans, sheets, and trays to cook two levels of food simultaneously, but PowerXL is the winner here. It comes with more accessories, and the accessories are more versatile. However, Emeril is that far behind and has enough to cover most of your needs. 


This is going to be a lot like our capacity section where things seem similar at first, but one is going to pull ahead due to superior construction. 

Many people don’t check power when it comes to air fryer ovens. It’s an oven, it gets hot, right? What more do you need to know? You should always check the watts and overall power. A weak oven isn’t going to heat properly, plus, it will have a hard time maintaining heat. That may not be a huge issue if you’re cooking small ingredients and only infrequently using the appliance. However, it’s a big issue if you intend on using this to regularly cook snacks and meals. 

On the outside, this seems like a tie in our Emeril vs PowerXL air fryer oven review. Both of these are rated for 1500 watts, and that’s actually a really good rating. You want at least 1200-1300 watts or more (preferably more), so 1500 is ideal. 

Let’s look a little deeper though. Emeril prides itself on including five heating elements, which is more than PowerXL or most other air fryer ovens (except a select few). This not only allows it to better maintain heat, but it cooks food faster and more evenly. 

While they both have the same wattage, Emeril wins by having more heating elements. 

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While we can’t give hard numbers (they are always changing), we will say that both of these air fryer ovens are basically the same price. Emeril tends to be a tiny bit more affordable, but not by a huge margin. 

That being said, let’s pivot this in another direction. Which one provides the better value? That really depends on what you’re looking for as both excel in different ways. 

If you value having more power in terms of extra heating coils and significantly more cooking options, then Emeril is the better value. If you prefer having accessories and love rotisserie cooking 10lb chickens, then PowerXL wins this battle. 

Overall, both are great when compared on a price-to-value ratio, so it depends on what you’re looking for. 

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What are the Differences Between Emeril and PowerXL Air Fryer Ovens? 

Curious about the differences between PowerXL and Emeril air fryer ovens? We covered many of them already, so let’s wrap them up and look at any other differences we can find. 

When it comes to cooking functions, Emeril wins by a landslide, but PowerXL does offer a good number of options. This is the opposite with accessories, as PowerXL offers more and better accessories, but Emeril gives you many as well. Capacity and power are close, but PowerXL offers better capacity when it comes to rotisserie space while Emeril offers better power due to having more heating elements. 

There’s one other thing we haven’t looked at: the control panel. Are these air fryer ovens easy to use? How do you change between the different cooking functions, times, temperatures, and other options? We will say that both are easy, but we prefer one over the other. 

Both of these primarily operate with dials. PowerXL has three dials for temperature, time, and function. Emeril has two dials for time and temperature and physical buttons for the other options. We prefer the buttons on the Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360, but the PowerXL dials are fine as well. 

PowerXL Air Fryer OvenEmeril Air Fryer Oven

Final Thoughts 

So, who wins the PowerXL air fryer vs Emeril air fryer review? Honestly, it’s a very close call. We love the extra rotisserie capacity, accessories, and overall versatility from the PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 8-in-1. We also love the many functions, power, and interface with Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Oven. 

It comes down to what you’re looking for. Consider the best factors and features for you, and the right oven should be simple to find. Both are great, but which one is right for you?