Instant Pot vs Emeril Pressure Cookers

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We’ve compared Instant Pot Duo Nova against every other Instant Pot model available, but how does it do against other brands? We previously did a review of Duo Nova vs Foodi, but how does it do against the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker? We just did an Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer review and it’s a great model, but is it good enough to go against a titan of the industry?

Enough talking, let’s get to the review. Keep reading to see who wins, you might be surprised.

Instant Pot Duo NovaEmeril Pressure Air Fryer

Emeril Vs Instant Pot: Appliances

Yes, they still sell pressure cookers that only pressure cook, but they are becoming a rare breed. Nearly every electronic pressure cooker combines multiple appliances together and our two contenders are no exception.

Both have many different appliances that will be useful in the kitchen, but one comes with significantly more than the other. Let’s take a look:

Instant Pot Duo NovaEmeril Pressure Cooker
Pressure CookerYesYes
Rice CookerYesYes
Slow CookerYesYes
Yogurt MakerYesYes
Air FryerNoYes
Sous VideNoYes

If we’re going specifically by the list, then Duo Nova has seven appliances while Emeril Everyday Pressure Cooker has twelve appliances. However, some of these are misnomers. Obviously the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker can warm, but you’ll have to set it manually. Also, the Duo Nova can fairly easily grill, roast, and bake with the right settings.

However, there are some major differences here that Duo Nova can’t overcome. It definitely can’t air fry, and it would struggle with canning and sous vide cooking. Now, Duo Nova is meant more for beginners, so that explains why it lacks these appliances and it is more affordable than the Emeril model, but that’s enough excuses.

The Emeril Pressure Air Fryer has more appliances and it air fries, which everyone wants. That means we have to give the win to Emeril.

Emeril Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Vs Emeril: Presets

Known as presets with Emeril and Smart Programs with Instant Pot, these are both preset times and temperatures that help you properly cook food so that it’s perfect. Not only does this make it easier to cook, but Instant Pot Smart Programs use a microprocessor that watches your food and changes the time and temp to ensure your food doesn’t dry out or end up undercooked. Emeril isn’t quite that smart, but it does have a distinct advantage.

Each Instant Pot has its own variety of Smart Programs. Our Instant Pot Duo Nova review found that this model has 13 programs for common foods like soup, beans, chili, rice, poultry, and pressure cooking. Emeril fires back with a massive 44 presets. This means it’s incredibly simple to make nearly any recipe you can think of.

I personally like how smart Instant Pot Duo Nova is, but when it comes to Instant Pot vs Emeril pressure cookers, I have to once again give the win to Emeril. With nearly 4x the presets, it’s easy to see why it wins.

Duo Nova vs Emeril Everyday: Size

The Emeril Pressure Air Fryer review has been very positive, but Instant Pot Duo Nova has been lacking. Don’t worry, Instant Pot fires back hard here. The Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker comes in two sizes (usually) while the Duo Nova comes in four different sizes.

Notice how we said “usually” above? Technically there’s an Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker 6qt and 8qt models. However, finding the 6qt model can be a little hard sometimes. The Emeril Pressure Air Fryer 8qt model tends to be in stock more often. In either case, both of these are very common sizes that most people will love.

Our Instant Pot Duo Nova review found that it comes in four different sizes. Sure, you get Duo Nova 6qt and Duo Nova 8qt sizes, but what if you want something bigger or smaller? Those are both available. There’s both a Duo Nova 3qt and Duo Nova 10qt available. Be aware that the smallest model comes with some fewer features, but it’s nearly identical.

If you’re looking for a small or large size, then Duo Nova comes out on top. However, if you’re in the market for a 6qt or 8qt pressure cooker (and most people are), then our Emeril vs Instant Pot pressure cooker review is identical. 

Instant Pot Duo Nova 8qt

Emeril Everyday vs Duo Nova: Accessories

Accessories are great. Is there anything better getting free goodies with your pressure cooker? Some models have a wonderful pack of accessories while others stick to the basics. Unfortunately, you’ll find that one gives you a lot while the other only has a few accessories.

Instant Pot Duo Nova accessories are a little sparse here. You get the EasySeal lid (which is amazing), an extra sealing ring, the stainless steel cooking pot, and a steamer rack. That’s OK and looks fine against some other pressure cookers, but it looks really small compared to the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker.

The Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker accessories include two lids for pressure cooking and air frying, a steamer and air fryer basket, a multi-purpose rack, glass lid, stainless steel cooking pot, ladle, and measuring cup.

That’s a huge difference. You must remember that the Emeril pressure cooker is more expensive, so you could buy many of these accessories with the Instant Pot and still spend less, but it’s still nice getting all these extra tools and items.

What’s the Difference?

Here we’ll compare the major differences between these two pressure cookers along with some features we haven’t mentioned yet. There are many similarities. Both have simple and bright control panels that anyone can use. They also both have stainless steel cooking pots, many features, similar sizes, and lots of power to cook any recipe you can think of.

The Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer comes with more features, presets, and accessories. However, Instant Pot Duo Nova is more affordable, has nearly as many features, a microprocessor that monitors your food, and the EasySeal lid. Pressure cooker lids sometimes don’t seal properly. This lid does the work for you, which is safer and easier than most other lids. It also has an easy steam release.

Instant Pot Duo NovaEmeril Pressure Air Fryer

Final Thoughts

There are some major differences between these two. Instant Pot is more affordable, some features are smarter, and Instant Pot is a very trusted brand, which can’t be overlooked. However, Emeril definitely brings his clout here with this premium pressure cooker. The Emeril Pressure Air Cooker has more presets, accessories, features, and comes in popular sizes.

If you don’t have to worry about your budget, then the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer is better. However, if you want something that’s more affordable and you don’t mind giving up air frying and the other Emeril-specific features, then the Instant Pot Duo Nova might be better for you.