Is the Brita Stream Filter Worth It?

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Curious about the Brita Stream? So were we. Water filters are great because they give you crisp tasting water without having to pay those high bottled water fees. However, even the fastest water filter takes a few minutes to clean your tap water. At least that’s how it used to be.

The Brita Stream works like every other Brita filter, but with one important difference. This filter is fast, like faster than any other filter out there. Using Filter-As-You-Pour technology, this has a ton of benefits. Read on to find out more about the Stream pitchers and why this product works so well.

What is the Brita Stream Filter?

This water filter removes one of the biggest problems with water filters: the wait time between pouring water into the pitcher or dispenser and actually enjoying filtered water. The wait is usually just a few minutes, but when you’re thirsty those few minutes feel like torture.

Instead, you’re treated to Filter-As-You-Pour technology, a super fast filtering method that removes contaminants like chlorine and other particles. You’ll have tasty water in no time.

Brita Filter As You Pour Technology

How do You Use the Brita Stream?

It’s just like any other pitcher, just without the wait. Fill your Stream pitcher with water. Pour the water into your cup, mug, reusable bottle, and more. The only difference is you don’t have to wait for the water to run through a filter. It’s instantly cleaned when you pour.

You can use this with either room temperature or ice water. As expected from these pitchers, the spout is controlled and makes it easy to fill bottles or anything with a small opening.

Brita Stream

Number of Gallons

The Brita Standard is known to clean 40 gallons of water, so how does the Stream measure up? In this regard they are neck and neck. Both filter 40 gallons of water before needing to be changed.

Speaking of changing, the Brita Stream replacement filters only take moments to install. Here how to change Brita Stream filter. Remove the old filter and rinse the new one for about 15 seconds. Push the filter into the filter cage, twist to lock, and activate the electronic sensor. Now you’re ready to start pouring.

Recommended Products

Brita Stream Hydro

This trendy pitcher carries 10 cups of water and immediately filters as soon as you want clean water. Made in bright colors, it’s a statement piece that everyone will gravitate to. Plus the handle fits neatly in the hand and the pitcher is easy to store on a counter or a fridge door.

Brita Stream Cascade

The largest Stream pitcher with 12-cup capacity, this delivers crisp, clean water in seconds whenever you’re ready to pour. The attractive design and bold colors make this a fantastic piece. Whether you want water for yourself or the whole family, this pitcher is ready to meet your demands.

Brita Stream Rapids

This large 10-cup pitcher has a wide mouth that quick dispenses water when you want it. The filter works in seconds and the pitcher has an attractive and modern design. Place it in your home, office, or anywhere else with thirsty people and it will get lets of use.

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How Does the Brita Stream Work?

Much like other Brita filters, the Stream uses a special dual-layer carbon design that removes impurities like chlorine that affect the odor and taste of tap water. The water will run through the carbon and it will catch the contaminants, leaving nothing but clean and tasty water.

Brita Stream Problems

There is one problem with this product and you may have guessed it already. You might be wondering how these filters are able to remove as much contaminants as the other filters in a fraction of the time. The answer is that they don’t.

Brita Filter Comparison

The Stream is no slouch, but it doesn’t remove as much as the Brita Longlast or Standard. But, it does remove more than the Bottle filters. This product is focused on fast water cleaning and improving the taste and odor of water. It doesn’t remove lead and other metals, but it will remove chlorine, particles, and trichlorobenzene.

That being said, it’s still a highly effective filter and it will make your tap water taste fantastic. If flavor is your primary concern, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this filter.

Final Thoughts

The Brita Stream is a fantastic water filter that runs faster than any other unit on the market. While it doesn’t out quite as much contaminants, you’ll notice improved water odor and flavor. Give it a try and see what makes it so special.