Fizzing It Up: Ninja Thirsti vs SodaStream Showdown

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In the sparkling world of homemade carbonation, two contenders bubble to the surface: Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream. With a growing demand for on-demand fizz and customized beverages, these carbonated drink systems offer a gateway to effervescent elixirs right from the comfort of your home. But which one reigns supreme in the realm of bubbles? Let’s pop the lid on this effervescent topic and find out.

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Starting with the setup in our Ninja Thirsti vs SodaStream review, Ninja Thirsti boasts simplicity and ease. With a straightforward button-press operation, it eliminates the guesswork associated with manual carbonation. There’s no need to pull a lever; you set it up, press Start, and voilà, you have your fizzy drink. In contrast, SodaStream models like the Fizzi and Jet provide a manual operation with snap-lock and one-touch functionality, respectively, catering to those who enjoy a more hands-on approach.


Flavor is where Ninja Thirsti sparkles with over 20 options, including unsweetened and sweetened varieties. The SodaStream, on the other hand, offers a wide range of flavors and even allows for the creation of custom syrups, presenting a virtually unlimited palate for your taste buds.


When it comes to cost, SodaStream machines like the Fizzi are recognized for being budget-friendly, while models like the Aqua Fizz are positioned as premium options. Ninja Thirsti’s cost is not explicitly detailed in the sources provided, but it emphasizes value through a free club for canister refills and future savings.

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Ninja Thirsti vs SodaStream: Extra Features

Ninja Thirsti’s extra features include a level of customization that mimics having a soda fountain at home. SodaStream’s One Touch, with its automatic carbonation powered by electricity, reduces the manual effort in carbonating drinks.

What is the Difference?

The primary differences lie in operation and flavor options. Ninja Thirsti operates with the push of a button and offers a curated selection of pod flavors, whereas SodaStream relies on manual to automatic operations, depending on the model, and provides a broader range of flavor possibilities, including the option to make your own syrups.

Which is Better?

Determining which is better in terms of SodaStream vs Ninja Thirsti comes down to personal preference. Do you value a wider variety of flavors or a simpler, more streamlined process? If ease of use and a modern approach to carbonation are what you seek, Ninja Thirsti might be your go-to. For those who revel in flavor experimentation and a more traditional carbonation experience, SodaStream could be the better fit.

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Now, let’s address some key questions to provide a deeper understanding of these bubbly behemoths.

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What are the unique selling points of Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream?

Ninja Thirsti: The Thirsti stands out for its simplicity and the convenience it brings to the carbonated drink-making process. The one-button operation makes it user-friendly, and its flavor pods offer a unique and diverse range of taste options.

SodaStream: SodaStream’s appeal lies in its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. The ability to carbonate a high volume of water with a single CO2 canister and the brand’s recycling program are significant draws. Additionally, the breadth of flavor options and the ability to create custom syrups set it apart.

  • Simplified one-button operation vs. customizable carbonation levels
  • Over 20 flavor options with Thirsti vs. virtually unlimited flavors with SodaStream
  • SodaStream’s environmental initiative with CO2 recycling

How do Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream contribute to sustainability?

Ninja Thirsti: While specific sustainability initiatives for Ninja Thirsti are not detailed, the refill club for CO2 canisters implies a commitment to reducing waste and providing convenient exchanges.

SodaStream: SodaStream takes a clear stance on sustainability by reducing plastic waste through reusable bottles and a recycling program for CO2 canisters. Its manual models also offer the advantage of zero electricity usage.

  • Thirsti’s refill club for canisters suggests waste reduction
  • SodaStream’s robust recycling program and reusable bottles
  • Manual SodaStream models reduce electricity consumption

Can you create custom flavors with Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream?

Ninja Thirsti: Ninja Thirsti’s current offerings include a variety of over 20 pod flavors but do not explicitly support custom flavor creation.

SodaStream: SodaStream excels in this area, allowing users to make their own syrups and flavorings, thus offering endless possibilities for those who enjoy personalizing their drinks.

  • Thirsti offers a range of pod flavors with limited customization
  • SodaStream supports and encourages creating custom flavors
  • Make your own syrups for SodaStream for a personal touch

In summary, Ninja Thirsti offers a modern, straightforward approach to homemade carbonation, while SodaStream provides a traditional, customizable experience with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The choice between the two will depend on what you value most in your fizzy beverage experience. Check out the “Ninja Double Oven Review” to see how Ninja fares in other domains of home appliances.

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What is the main difference between Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream? The main difference is that Ninja Thirsti operates with a push-button for carbonation and offers a selected range of pod flavors, while SodaStream provides a variety of models with varying degrees of manual to automatic operation and a broader flavor portfolio, including the ability to create custom flavors.

Can I make my own flavors with Ninja Thirsti? Ninja Thirsti doesn’t explicitly support custom flavor creation; it offers a range of over 20 pod flavors.

Is SodaStream environmentally friendly? Yes, SodaStream promotes environmental sustainability with reusable bottles, a CO2 canister recycling program, and energy-efficient models that reduce electricity usage.

Which is more cost-effective, Ninja Thirsti or SodaStream? SodaStream models like the Jet are marketed as affordable options. In the long run, SodaStream’s refill system is designed to save money compared to buying canned or bottled sodas.

Does SodaStream offer a variety of flavors? Absolutely, SodaStream offers a wide range of flavors and also allows users to create their own syrups for a personalized experience.

How do the carbonation processes differ between the two systems? Ninja Thirsti uses a one-button operation, while SodaStream models range from manual push-button to automatic carbonation processes.

Are there any health benefits to using SodaStream? SodaStream allows users to control the ingredients, including sugar and sweeteners, which can be beneficial for those looking to reduce sugar intake or seeking healthier alternatives to store-bought sodas.

Which system is easier to set up and use? Ninja Thirsti is designed for ease of use with a simple button-press operation, which may be more straightforward for some users compared to the manual operation of some SodaStream models.

Can you get a similar soda taste with these machines? Yes, both Ninja Thirsti and SodaStream can mimic the taste of commercial sodas, especially when using flavored pods or syrups.

Do both systems require electricity? Not all SodaStream models require electricity; some operate manually, while others, like the One Touch, are powered. Ninja Thirsti’s electricity requirements are not detailed in the provided sources.