Top 10 Instant Pot Questions and Answers

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You’ve got questions about your Instant Pot and that’s a good thing. It means you want information and we’re glad to give it to you. Here are some of the biggest, most burning questions people are asking about Instant Pot. This list will be updated regularly as more questions come in.

Which Instant Pot is Best?

That’s a tough one to answer because it comes down to what you need from your electric pressure cooker. We’ll break down all the different models so that you know what each one does:

  • Lux: 6-in-1 pressure cooker, 12 Smart Programs, only cooks at high pressures
  • Duo: 7-in-1 pressure cooker, 14 Smart Programs, like the Lux, but can also make yogurt
  • Duo Plus: 9-in-1 pressure cooker, 15 Smart Programs, also has cake, egg, and sterilize functions, LCD screen
  • Viva: Same as the Duo Plus, but with an LED screen
  • Nova Plus: Between the Duo and Duo Plus, 14 Smart Programs, LCD screen, and four sensors to see how your food is doing
  • Ultra: 10-in-1 pressure cooker, lots of custom options for temperature, pressure, cooking time, and delay time
  • Max: High pressure for canning, sous vide, and yogurt
  • Smart WiFi: Connect to your Android or iOS device and control the pressure cooker when you’re not around
  • Aura: 10-in-1 multicooker, 10 Smart Programs, can broil, slow cook, and sear
  • Aura Plus: 11-in-1 multicooker, 11 Smart Programs, same as the Aura with an added sous vide feature

Instant Pot Versus Ninja Foodi

Both brands are fantastic and it comes down to which features you prefer. We cover this more in our Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi Vs Crock Pot article.

Which Instant Pot to Buy?

If you want to know which instant pot should I buy, then this is the right section. There are dozens of models at the moment, but we’ll quickly cover the most important considerations. First off, how much do you have to cook? The 3qt models are good for one or two people; 6qt models are good for families of three to six people; 8qt is perfect for large families or weekly meal prep.

Instant Pot Models

In general, all models offer pressure cooking, slow cooking, sauteing, rice, steam, and warming. Yogurt making is available with all models except the Lux line. 

The Instant Pot Max model is special because it operates at a higher pressure and can even be used for canning. Most models go up to 12psi while the Max models operate at 15psi. It also offers sous vide cooking and NutriBoost technology to get more nutrition out of your food.

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Are Instant Pot Safe?

Instant Pots are very safe and there are numerous safety features like high temperature warning, anti-block vent, lid close and leaky lid detection, and so on. As long as you follow the instructions and load your Instant Pot correctly, you’ll find this pressure cooker is very safe.

That being said. There are a few things you can do to improve safety. Some Instant Pot safety tips include:

  • Only fill halfway when pressure cooking
  • Ensure there is at least 1-2 cups of liquid before pressure cooking
  • Give the unit time to depressurize when cooking is finished
  • Stay away from the steam as it’s very hot
  • Make sure the sealing ring is properly placed to ensure a tight seal

Are Instant Pots Worth It?

I’ll refrain from immediately screaming yes to tell you why they are definitely worth it. Every Instant Pot replaces several kitchen appliances (pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, veggie steamer, etc), and they are more affordable than buying these appliances individually. Not only that, but it’s a space saver when you compare it against all these appliances.

On top of that, it’s convenient. Instead of dragging out yet another appliance, simply push a button and the Instant Pot can cook rice, make stews, bake cakes, and so much more. So yes, they are worth the cost.

When Instant Pot Says Burn?

Depending on your model, you may see this as either “Burn” or “Ovht”  on your display. This means the unit senses high temperatures and will suspend heating. In most cases, the bottom of your pot is burning and overcooked. This is often because there isn’t enough liquid or the liquid has become too thick.

Let the unit cool down, open it up (when it’s safe) and check on the food. You may have to add liquid or give it a stir to get everything in order.

Instant Pot Burn Message

Can Instant Pot Explode?

This depends on how you mean “explode.” If you’re asking if the unit itself will blow up, then no. It’s made of durable materials and won’t explode. If you mean if food will explode from the Instant Pot, then there’s a possibility. However, this is almost always user error. If you’re careful about loading and using your pressure cooker, then you’ll be just fine.

Follow the safety tips above (filling properly, wait for the unit to depressurize, etc). If you keep this in mind, then you should never have to worry about your food exploding.

Which Instant Pot Makes Yogurt?

Almost every model has a yogurt making setting except the Lux units. Be sure to check before buying, but this is a common features for Instant Pot Pressure Cookers.

Can Instant Pot Be Used as a Slow Cooker?

Definitely! Instant Pot not only functions as a slow cooker, but it does a great job at it. From cooking low and slow to giving you that deep, cooked-all-day flavor, this will work as well as any slow cooker you’ve ever tried. Every model can be used as a slow cooker.

Which Instant Pot do I Have?

Finding how which model you have is usually simple. Look at the front control panel. Near the top you should see the “Instant Pot” brand name in large lettering. Right next to it you’ll see the model name, like Duo Plus or Lux.

Instant Pot Model

Why Instant Pot is Popular?

Unlike so many kitchen appliances that swear they can take the place of multiple items and fail miserably, Instant Pot effective replaces seven to ten of your appliances and often works better than each of them individually. Plus it’s so easy. Simply push a button and the Instant Pot becomes a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, and much more.