Best Pressure Cooker for Cake

Most people don’t think about cakes when they buy an electric pressure cooker. You think about ribs, steak, rice, and other savory foods. Believe it or not, finding a pressure cooker for cake isn’t that difficult, but finding the best one can be tough. We scoured the market to find the top models and we’re … Read more

Best Pressure Cooker for Ribs

Looking for the best pressure cooker for ribs? We can’t blame you. Ribs are best when they’re perfectly cooked with that full-fat flavor that melts off the bone. Yum. The right pressure cooker makes it easy to cook a bunch of ribs at once, plus they turn out much better than in the oven. We … Read more

Best Pressure Cooker for Rice

The best pressure cooker for rice needs more than just a rice setting (which is less common than you might think). It has to cook fluffy, delicious rice as good as any rice cooker, plus it should have a ton of other useful features that make it amazing at all your other cooking needs. Here … Read more

Power XL Pressure Cooker Reviews

power xl pressure cooker review

Looking for an Instant Pot alternative? Our Power XL Pressure Cooker reviews found this to be a good unit that will cook your food fast while infusing it with flavor, but there are a few things to know about before buying. It features seven different cooking methods and one-push cooking. Plus, the flavor technology pushes … Read more

Best Pressure Cooker Under $50

best pressure cooker under 50

Finding the best pressure cooker under $50 is challenging, but we did the research and found the best in this price range. Despite the low price, you can expect robust features along with quality construction and fast cooking. It took some time, but we even managed to find an Instant Pot under $50 that fit … Read more

How to Sear in Pressure Cooker

sear in pressure cooker

Wants to know how to brown meats in a pressure cooker? Searing is extremely tasty and easy if you have the right equipment. From the amateur home cook to the professional chef, everyone can experience the crunchy crust of seared meat, as long as you have the right electric pressure cooker. Here we’ll show you … Read more

Top 10 Instant Pot Questions and Answers

instant pot questions

You’ve got questions about your Instant Pot and that’s a good thing. It means you want information and we’re glad to give it to you. Here are some of the biggest, most burning questions people are asking about Instant Pot. This list will be updated regularly as more questions come in. Which Instant Pot is … Read more