Is Instant Pot Dutch Oven Any Good? Instant Precision Review

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What is a Dutch oven commonly used for? It’s a heavy and thick vessel that’s ideal for retaining heat, and it’s deep enough to cook large cuts of meat with substantial cooking liquid. The instant Pot Dutch Oven combines everything that’s already great about this vessel, but adds that special touch of magic that makes it all the more functional and useful for home cooks and professionals alike.

Our Instant Pot Dutch Oven review is going to reveal whether this is really good for your kitchen or not. We’re going to look at its functions, sizes, colors, how easy it is to clean, common recipes, and accessories. We will also answer some of your biggest questions in our Instant Precision review.

In short though, this is a great device for anyone who cooks large cuts of meat or needs deep, thick vessels that retain heat better than ordinary Instant Pots or other appliances.


The best thing about the Instant brand is that all their appliances have numerous functions. At this point everyone knows about their pressure cookers, but they’ve also added functions to different appliances such as rice cookers, air fryers, indoor grills, and now Dutch ovens. If you’re looking for a multifunction Dutch oven, then don’t look any further than the Instant Precision Dutch Oven.

The Instant Pot Dutch Oven comes with five different features. These are presets that allow you to use different cooking techniques with ease. You just need to hit a button on the control panel, and the Dutch oven from Instant Pot will react appropriately by setting the right time and temperature for your needs.

The five functions are: braise, slow cook, sear and saute, manual mode, and keep warm.

The sear and saute mode allows for high heat and low liquid cooking while manual mode allows you to set the time and temperature yourself. Keep warm is there to warm food so that it’s hot and delicious for as long as you need it to be.

Many people confuse braising and slow cooking because they’re similar. Both of these involve using a good amount of liquid and a slow process that tenderizes meat, and both give you deep, developed flavors unlike any other cooking method.

What is the difference between braising and slow cooking? While they are similar, there are some differences. The main difference is in the amount of liquid. Both use a good amount of liquid, but braising uses less. This makes it ideal for larger cuts of meat and it provides better browning as well. Slow cooking requires more liquid and is best for stews, soups, and smaller cuts of meat.


How large is the Instant Pot Dutch Oven? You’ll find that the instant Precision Dutch Oven currently only comes in one size. While many Instant products come in many sizes, there are some that only have one. It’s not a bad thing, and the size that they offer is one of the most popular.

You can get the Instant Pot Dutch Oven 6-quart model. This allows you to create six servings of food, which should be more than enough for a family or even a small party. Not only that, but these are commonly used for large meals, so this allows you to cook a generous helping of food that everyone will enjoy.

There are murmurings of an Instant Pot Dutch Oven 8-quart model, but currently this is not made. Well it’s a little disappointing to only have one size, the 6 quart Dutch oven is one of the most popular around.


While there’s only one size to choose from, there are four different colors that you can get for the Instant Dutch Oven. From the pictures, you might think that this only affects the lid. The truth is that you have an entire Dutch oven pot right in the Instant cooker. you can remove the Dutch oven, and it will be this entire color.

The Instant Precision comes in black, blue, green, and red. This allows you to choose your favorite color, and it’s also ideal for decorating because Dutch ovens make a wonderful statement piece on any table or counter.

Clean Up

Since these are commonly used to cook large meals for many hours, you might be worried that this leads to food getting stuck and hard messes. If you’re like us, then you don’t want to spend too much time and effort cleaning your appliances.

The good news is that the Instant Pot Dutch Oven is actually dishwasher safe. Both the pot and lid can be put right in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. If you decide to clean by hand, they will find that both are also easy to clean. This is especially true if you soak them beforehand.

While there might be some messes that are hard to clean, you’ll find that this appliance requires very little effort to make it spotless.

Instant Precision Recipes

There are a ton of Instant Pot Dutch Oven recipes that you can try out. This can be used like any other Dutch oven, slow cooker, or other pan due to the numerous functions. At the same time, even if you only use this for the Dutch oven cooking, you’ll be surprised by just how much you can make.

There is instant Pot Dutch oven bread, instant Precision pizza, Dutch oven Instant Pot chili, and so much more. We recommend looking up Instant Precision recipes, and Dutch oven recipes as well. You can cook all these recipes and more with ease with this appliance.

Some of our favorite recipes for Instant pot Dutch oven include:

Take a look at any of these recipes, and you’ll see just how versatile this appliance is.


What accessories do you get with the instant Precision Dutch Oven? While some Instant Pots have many different accessories, we found that this only comes with two. That’s not really a bad thing considering how many functions you get with the appliance self, but we do wish that there were more.

You get a silicone protective pad along with silicone handle covers. The protective pad can be placed on the counter, table, or anywhere else you intend on serving food. This protects the surface, and keeps it from getting too hot. The silicone handles make it very easy to remove the Dutch oven so that you can go from cooking to serving.

Final Thoughts

Is the Instant Pot Precision any good? If you want to do Dutch oven cooking, have a very versatile kitchen appliance, or be able to braise, slow cook, and make many different recipes, then we think that the Instant Dutch Oven is one of the best appliances they’ve created. It holds heat so much better than their pressure cookers, and you can use it to make just about everything with deeply developed flavors. Give this a try and see how much you enjoy it.