Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System: Upgrade or Dud?

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The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System is the latest Ninja blender that boasts high power and versatility. While the Ninja Power Pitcher System claims to be an upgrade, you might be wondering how this compares to other Ninja Foodi blenders or even other blenders like Vitamix.

Our Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher review is going to dissect this blender system and look deeply into its functions, power, versatility, and how it compares to other blenders before giving it a final grade.

Read on to see how well the Ninja Power Pitcher Blender does.

Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher 4 in 1 Functions

For those who don’t know, Ninja and Instant Pot are a lot alike when it comes to their kitchen appliance philosophy. You can see this with our Instant Pot Duo Nova vs Duo article. Both brands do their best to place as many appliances and functions as possible into their products, and the Ninja Power Pitcher System is no exception. This is a 4-in-1 blender system. Though we keep calling it a “blender” as that’s the main function, it can do much more than that.

You of course get a crushing blender that’s able to blend fruits, dairy, ice, and more for smoothies, soups, and any other liquid recipe you can think of. This will be your standard blending option.

Next is the Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitch 4in1 smoothie bowl. This is specialized blending for thick smoothie bowls, but it can make so much more than that. It can create thick sauces, soups, and even homemade nut butters. This is ideal when you want to blend something with a little more body.

The third and fourth functions leave blending behind and do something entirely different. You get a dough maker that’s perfect for cookies, brownies, bread, and more. While a stand mixer, like Kitchenaid Artisan might be better for tougher doughs, this is surprisingly powerful and can work most doughs with ease.

Lastly is the food processor function. The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher can puree, chop, and cut ingredients with ease. You’ll get uniform sizes without having to use your knife. This can make entire meals in just a few pulses.

These are just the main functions. You also get AutoIQ programs to give you even more functionality.

Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher Blender with Auto-IQ

If you’re new to Ninja systems, then you might be wondering what AutoIQ even is. These are like automated programs that do the work for you. Yes, you can always blend manually, but AutoIQ makes everything easier, and who doesn’t want their lives to be a little easier?

The Power Pitcher from Ninja comes with 6 AutoIQ functions. It can extract, make smoothie bowls, smoothies, chop, make thick spreads, or mix dough. This tells the blender how long to run, how much power to use, and so on.

We’re happy to see this many functions. More is always better, but Ninja is sticking close to their original functions and ensuring that the AutoIQ programs match what you’re looking for.

Pitcher and Accessories

Like with most other blender systems, you can expect to get a variety of pitchers, cups, and accessories from the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher Blender and Processor. So, what do you get with this system?

Going from big to small, the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher accessories are:

  • 72oz pitcher
  • 24oz cup (includes spout lid)
  • 14oz bowl (includes a lid)

You get one of each. For those who haven’t used a Ninja system before, they commonly come with cups that have their own blades. This is no exception. Simply screw the lid on, place it on the base, and it will blend directly in the cup. This is great for smoothies or when you don’t need a massive serving.

The 14oz bowl is made for thicker smoothie bowls and sauces. While you can use it for regular smoothies, it’s not ideal for that.

If you want a whole pitcher of smoothies, want to mix dough, or you want a food processor for your veggies, then the 72oz pitcher is best. It holds a massive amount of ingredients for big recipes.

Clean up is easy because all of the cups and pitchers are dishwasher safe. Just throw them in and let the machine take care of them.

Overall we love the accessory pack here. You get something for every size, ensuring you can blend exactly as much as you want without going overboard.

Ninja Power Pitcher Blender Speeds

Blenders should have a variety of speeds because some recipes are best at low speeds, others at high speeds, and others still need a steady progression from slow to fast. So, how many speed settings do you get?

There are 11 speed settings that you can manually choose from with the center dial. Simply turn the dial up to increase the speed. There is also a pulse setting, which is especially helpful with the food processor function.

Curious which speed setting you’re on? There is a number indicator to the left that goes up and down accordingly. We would have preferred some type of line or spot on the dial itself as well, but it works well either way.

This also comes with SmartTORQUE technology. This puts more power behind the blades to ensure you really feel the difference between each speed setting.


You can’t blend, make smoothie bowls, work dough, and be a food processor without a tremendous amount of power to make everything work. Does the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System have the power needed to really fulfill all its promises?

Let’s start with the motor. Our Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System reviews found that this blender has a 1400W motor, which is more than enough for most recipes. This can easily cut through hard and frozen ingredients without stopping.

But that’s not all. The Ninja Power Pitcher Blender also comes with SmartTORQUE technology. We talked about this with the speed settings, but this puts a lot of power behind the blades to ensure that none of the power is wasted elsewhere. This makes the blender feel much more powerful than other 1400W blenders on the market.

Speaking of blades, Ninja blenders have always been known to use unique and powerful blades that are different than anyone else. This system comes with Hybrid Edge Blades. They’re powerful, sharp, and able to easily cut through any ingredients.

Ninja Power Pitcher vs Kitchen System

Ninja Power PitcherNinja Mega Kitchen

You might be wondering which is better between the Ninja Power Pitcher vs Kitchen System. We actually did a review of Ninja Professional Plus vs Ninja Mega Kitchen System if you’re curious.

So, which is better? The Ninja Kitchen System is a little stronger by 100W and it comes with more accessories (an extra cup and a 64oz food processor bowl), but the Ninja Power Pitcher has more AutoIQ features, speed settings, and more functions.

The two are similar in many ways. We would say that the Ninja Power Pitcher is better overall, but the Ninja Kitchen System does have some advantages to consider.

Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher vs Vitamix

Ninja Power PitcherVitamix Explorian E310

The Ninja Power Pitcher vs Vitamix debate is a little vague since there are lots of Vitamix models. For our Vitamix vs Ninja Power Pitcher comparison we choose the Vitamix Explorian E310 since it’s the closest we could find.

Vitamix is almost always more powerful because that’s one of their hallmarks. The 1470W motor here is no exception. Vitamix is great at making smoothies, crushed ice, soups, and more. However, it does lose out when it comes to extra functionality and sizes. The Ninja blender has more cup and jar sizes, more features with AutoIQ settings, and it’s much easier to clean.

If you want raw power and nothing else, then try Vitamix. If you want a versatile machine with lots of features and a much better price, then Ninja blender is better for you.

How Much is a Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher?

Price is always important and you probably want to know how much is a Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher. While the price is always fluctuating from sales and discounts, we can say that it’s roughly the same as other Ninja blenders.

Despite being a newer model, it costs as much as their other blenders. It just makes sense to pick up the newest model unless you like something about one of the older Ninja blenders.

Final Thoughts

So, what are our final thoughts on the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System reviews? This is a powerful blender system that comes with numerous features for blending, making smoothie bowls, mixing dough, and being a food processor. While the Nina SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher 4 in 1 has fewer accessories than some other Ninja blenders, you’re still getting a variety of cups and blending jars with the Ninja Power Pitcher Blender.

Overall we would say this is a successful upgrade over other Ninja blenders. While the older systems might appeal to some people, this is a welcome new addition to the Ninja Foodi family.