Best Stovetop Rice Cooker

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The best stovetop rice cooker gives you fluffy, flavorful rice that stays moist and is perfect for any side dish or to be the star of the show. Rice has been eaten for centuries by nearly every culture, so it should be treated just right. These stovetop rice cookers will ensure your rice is perfect, plus they have several other benefits.

Staub Cast Iron Petite French Oven

Made for long cooking sessions and to keep food exceptionally moist, the Staub Cast Iron Oven has fantastic heat distribution and retention. The cast iron is highly durable and helps with searing and caramelization. Whether you’re cooking rice, vegetables, or meats, this cast iron pot will draw out as much flavor as possible.

You’ll find self-basting chistera spikes that always keep food moist. Plus, this pot quickly goes from oven to table without needing other dishes. You’ll find ergonomic handles on the side for carrying the pot. Made from enameled cast iron, it never needs to be seasoned and it’s easy to clean. Another benefit is that enameled cast iron is somewhat nonstick and it should never chip.

If you want a premium pot that can be used for years, whether you’re cooking rice or anything else, then this is the ideal stovetop rice cooker for you.

Staub Cast Iron Petite French Oven


  • Enameled cast iron, easy to clean and somewhat nonstick
  • Keeps all foods moist while also searing and caramelizing with ease
  • Easily transport the pot with ergonomic handles

Concord Stainless Steel 3-Tier Steamer

This stainless steel steamer uses a three-tier system that allows you to cook rice on the bottom while steaming veggies with the interchangeable steamer trays. Every piece here is made from stainless steel, except for the glass lid.

As expected with stainless steel, this offers fantastic heat distribution and will evenly cook your rice and veggies. Make a whole meal in minutes all from the same stovetop burner. Each steamer tray has different sized. One has smaller holes for less steam while the other has much larger holes.

The stay cool handles ensure you don’t burn your hands. This pot is large enough to make rice for the whole family and it’s highly versatile for all your cooking needs.

Concord Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Three-tiered system, each has different sized steamer holes
  • Versatile cooking for rice, veggies, and anything else

Oster Sangerfield Steamer Set

This dual purpose system includes both a Dutch oven and top steamer insert. You can cook rice, veggies, meats, and everything else with ease. The bottom 3 Qt. saucepan is large enough to cook lots of rice for the whole family. Pop the steamer on top and quickly steam veggies at the same time.

The glass lid allows you to watch as your rice and veggies cook. Made from stainless steel, this ensures even heating and made the pots highly durable. Whether you’re cooking something small or large, this rice cooker will keep up with all your needs. When it’s time to clean, all the pieces are dishwasher safe.

For an affordable kitchen appliance that’s highly versatile and durable, this rice cooker might be the best new addition to your kitchen.

Oster Rice Cooker


  • Both the steamer insert and saucepan are stainless steel
  • Steamer pops right on top to steam veggies
  • Even heat distribution cooks rice to perfection

Prepping the Rice

Please don’t just throw your rice in the pot and let it cook. Many people do this and the results are fine, but not as good as they could be. Prepping the rice will ensure it cooks faster and that more of its natural flavor is preserved. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing this with an Instant Pot rice cooker, a standard pot, or any of our recommended stovetop rice cookers.

Soaking the rice 30 minutes before cooking makes a world of difference. Simply place the rice in a bowl, fill with water and walk away for 30 minutes (or prep the rest of your ingredients). Drain the water and then rinse the rice until the water runs clear.

You’re removing starch from the grains. Removing this layer ensures the grains won’t stick together when they’re done cooking. Plus, the grains will cook up to 20% faster. It’s this faster cooking that ensures the natural flavor is more present. Less heat is needed, so those compounds will remain in the rice instead of disappearing while cooking.

Stovetop Rice Cooker Vs Pots

Technically any suitable pot cook rice on the stovetop. You can use stainless steel, nonstick, ceramic, or nearly any other material for cooking rice. So, what separates these cookers from conventional pots?

We choose these rice cookers because they have benefits you won’t find with other pots. A standard pot can cook rice, but that’s about it. The stovetop steamers are able to steam vegetables while you’re rice cooks, and the cast iron French oven is perfect for cooking rice and sealing in flavor and moisture.

If you’re curious about other pots and pans, then why not read about the top Calphalon cookware sets?

Stovetop Rice Cooker vs Electric Rice Cookers

There are many electric rice cookers and multipurpose pressure cookers, like the Ninja Foodi line, that make rice without a stove. There are pros and cons to these appliances, so it comes down to what you prefer.

Electric rice cookers are more convenient because they automatically cook the rice, they’re very easy to clean, and most have warmer functions. However, there’s a higher chance that rice will burn on the bottom and most have a nonstick coating that can chip.

If you think an electric rice cooker might be better suited to your needs, then check out our comparison of Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi Vs Crock Pot. While they’re pressure cookers, they all have rice functions for cooking rice, grains, and tons of other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

All three of these stovetop rice cookers serve different purposes and they cook rice to perfection. If you want to elevate your cooking with unparalleled searing, caramelization, and keep food moist, then the Staub Cast Iron French Oven is exactly what you need. This is the type of pot you’ll be passing on to children, friends, or other family members.

If you want a highly versatile rice cooker that can steam lots of other foods, then the Concord Three-Tier Steamer is the perfect kitchen appliance. It’s durable and will cook your food evenly and perfectly.

If you want an affordable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, then the Oster Dutch Oven is a great unit. It might be affordable, but your rice will taste like a million bucks. Get one of these today and see how much better they are than a standard pot.