Best Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

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Weight loss is an admirable quest. Going to the gym and being mindful about what you eat will help slim that waistline. Eating better is a daunting task, but we’ve got a few kitchen gadgets in mind to help you out. We’ll be discussing the best kitchen gadgets for weight loss. They’ll make prep easier, improve flavor so you don’t stray from your diet, and they’ll keep you coming back for more healthy eats.

What are Healthy Kitchen Gadgets?

Eating better is a journey riddled with hurdles and obstacles. Perhaps the biggest one for most is meal prep. There’s nothing easier than hitting up your favorite fast food joint or ordering out, and that’s exactly where your weight loss journey ends if you’re not careful about meal prep.

To stay on track with your diet, you need healthy food that’s simple to prepare. All of the following kitchen gadgets are aimed at helping you make large amounts of healthy food so you have multiple meals ready and waiting for you. Whether you’re doing this for yourself or the whole family, these healthy kitchen gadgets are the best when you’re looking to lose weight.

Soon you’ll be cooking healthy meals in less time than ever. Not only that, but you’ll find it fun to use these new gadgets and see what the tasty results are.

Air Fryer

You might be scared of the word “fryer,” but don’t be. There are many health benefits to cooking with an air fryer. They use much less oil than a traditional fryer, often reducing fat calories by 70-80% or more, and they cook faster than a regular oven. If you’re curious, air fryers function similarly to both an oven and fryer combined.

They are like a fryer because they use some oil (a very small amount, around a teaspoon) but they’re also like an oven because they circulate hot air over the food. If used properly, this is a fast and efficient cooking method that saves time and calories. Depending on the size of the air fryer, you can cook anything from small chicken breasts and fish filets to a whole chicken.

While they can crisp up battered and breaded food like a traditional oil fryer, you don’t need to coat food before cooking with an air fryer. Place in a naked chicken breast (or other choice of meat or veggie) and it’ll come out beautifully cooked and wonderfully healthy. This is all about speed and efficiency, and you’ll find few kitchen gadgets more efficient than an air fryer.

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Suggested Air Fryers


Steamers, also known as veggie steamers, are great for preparing vegetables while you walk away and go about your life. The best steamers are double-tiered and allow you to steam whole meals with ease. No more using metal steamer baskets, boiling water, and cooking manually. The steamer does all the work for you.

While many people use steamers for veggies, you can cook so much more with them. Both meat and grains (like rice) are simple to cook in a steamer. Aside from requiring no oil or additional calories for cooking, steaming retains the nutrients and ensures you get the healthiest bite from all your food.

Another benefit is that steaming leaves veggies with a soft, pleasing texture that many people enjoy. Many find that steamed veggies are more palatable than when they’re raw.

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Bullet Blender

We believe a bullet blender is the perfect kitchen appliance for losing weight. They are so versatile and you’ll be blending, juicing, processing, and breaking down ingredients for easy prep or use.

Hate cutting vegetables? Pop them into the cup and pulse until they’re cut down to size. Want to juice fruits and vegetables? Just blend for a minute or two and enjoy a healthy smoothie. Want an appliance that requires little counter space but earns its keep? Bullet blenders are ideal.

They aren’t as large as full-sized blenders, but most people don’t need that much capacity. At worst, you might have to blend in two or three shifts before you’re done, but that’s rare. Bullet blenders are simple to use and are highly versatile.

From smoothies and soup to salsa and homemade ice cream, bullet blenders can do almost anything.

Suggested Bullet Blenders

Chef Knife

Sometimes the best kitchen appliances aren’t electronic or digital. A good chef knife is one of the best healthy kitchen gadgets you could have because this allows you to work with meat, tough vegetables, and everything else with ease.

Many people avoid cooking their own food because it’s hard, but it’s only hard if you don’t have the right tools. Cutting chicken breast with a steak knife (or even worse, a butter knife) can be a nightmare. However, a chef knife makes easy work of chicken, beef, broccoli, carrots, and anything else you’re looking to cook.

Not only that, but you’ll be shocked at how affordable and versatile these knives are. If you don’t have a chef knife, then please do yourself a favor and get one. You can thank us later.

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Kitchen Scale

If you’re accustomed to eating out or just cooking food and not thinking about it, then one of the major adjustments you have to make is measuring everything you cook and eat. This helps you track and cut calories with precision. A kitchen scale is an inexpensive and healthy kitchen gadget that will swing the “battle of the bulge” in your favor.

These appliances are simple. Turn it on, weigh the food, and move on with your meal prep. No more eyeballing 8oz of chicken or a cup of broccoli. A kitchen scale will give you an exact measurement to help you succeed in losing weight.

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Final Thoughts

Healthy kitchen gadgets are essential for losing weight. They give you the technological edge to easily prepare food, ensure you’re still getting a tasty bite with fewer calories, and that you can measure the exact amount of food you’re eating. Now the rest is up to you. Just stay consistent, keep going, and it won’t be long before you reach your target weight.