Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Scale Review

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Our Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Scale review is going to show you if this scale deserves all the praise heaped onto it. Also known as the Nutrition Label Scale, this is a very attractive scale, which is honestly weird to write. But it’s true. It’s also extremely accurate and is a big step up from your traditional kitchen scale.

Let’s look at the Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Scale and see just how good it is.

We’ll also cover similar products at the bottom that might work better for you than the Nutrition Label Scale.

What is the Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Scale?

Quick Features:

  • Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.25×6.1×1 inches
  • Display shows calories and macros for 2,000 foods
  • Create up to 99 custom entries
  • Durable tempered glass surface, supports 11lbs

The Nourish Kitchen Scale is an advanced kitchen scale that tracks your calories and macros throughout the day. Precise within 0.1oz/1gm, there are four precision sensors that ensure extreme accuracy. That would be impressive enough, but what everyone notices is the “Nutrition Facts” panels on the side.

It looks exactly like the labels on all your favorite foods. The major difference is that this panel is for you and everything you eat throughout the day. No more guessing and estimating, no more assuming and misjudging. The Nourish Kitchen Scale tracks every calorie and macro with a detailed database of over 2,000 different foods. Simply plug in the code, weigh your food, and see the calories and information pop up on the panel.

All codes are found in the manual that comes with the scale, or you can check the associated Greater Goods app. You may switch between grams and ounces by touching a button on the side. The screen is backlit, making it easily visible.

You can also enter 99 custom foods and nutrition info. It only takes a few seconds, but most people find the database has more than enough for them.

The surface is crafted from durable tempered glass and supports up to 11lb/5kg of food. A zero/tare feature allows you to measure food in bowls and other containers. Less than 2lbs and measuring 9.25×6.1×1 inches, the Nourish Kitchen Scale is so beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen.

Three AAA batteries are required and you’ll get hours of continuous use. Unlike so many kitchen gadgets that require batteries, they are actually included with your purchase. It’s a small bonus that’s greatly appreciated.

If you’re looking to track your calories with extreme precision, then the Greater Goods Kitchen Scale is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a wonderful scale that’s a welcome addition to any kitchen. Whether for novelty or goal tracking, it’s easily worth the price.

Does the Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale Work?

I can understand if you side-eye the Nutrition Label Scale. This kitchen gadget makes a lot of big promises from accurate calorie tracking to keeping you on track with your fitness goals. Some products fall short of their promises, but the Nourish Scale definitely doesn’t. Our Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale review found that this product excels in all areas and really is the best of the best.

The food database contains nearly everything you could think of. Not only that, but the precision weight sensors are accurate within 0.1/1gm, which is a best-in-class feature.

This is the type of kitchen gadget that you can’t stop touching. You’ll want to weigh everything in your house (though you should stick to the edible) out of curiosity. Plus, there’s something special about the Nutrition Information panel, it just looks amazing.

On top of that, Greater Goods donates a portion of their purchase to the Global Orphan Project.

The hardest part is finding the food code in the manual or app. It’s a little tedious the first few times, but it only takes a few seconds.

Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale Pros and Cons

Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale Pros

  • Large database of 2,000 foods plus 99 custom entries
  • Highly accurate scale, tracks calories and macros with ease
  • Beautiful design, highly durable materials, fantastic kitchen accessory

Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale Cons

  • Finding the food code can be tedious
  • Needs batteries

Final Thoughts

The Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Scale is perhaps the perfect kitchen scale for those who want precise, accurate information about their food. Knowing grams and ounces is helpful, but this scale tells you the exact macros, calories, and there are over 2,000 foods to choose from. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply track your intake, this kitchen scale is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Similar Products

More Features and Smartphone Control

Does the Greater Goods Kitchen Scale not have enough features for you? No problem! The Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale might be up your alley. It includes a massive database of 8,000 food items, plus you can control many features through your smartphone. The VeSync app even has a diary feature to track your daily intake.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale
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More Custom Foods

Many people would say the 99 custom entries for the Greater Goods scale is enough, but do you want even more? The Mackie Digital Kitchen Scale allows for 999 custom entries. It comes with 999 food items in its database, and all the food codes are right on the scale itself, so you’ll never have to search for the numbers.

Mackie Digital Kitchen Scale
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Small and Compact

Looking for a similar kitchen scale that’s more compact? The IDAODAN Smart Food Scale is right for you. It’s compact at 7.8×1.4×6 inches and can fit nearly any kitchen counter. The database has about 1,000 food items with accurate measurements of calories and macros.

IDAODAN Smart Food Scale
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Just the Basics

Looking for something basic? If you don’t mind losing the food database, then the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale (same brand as our main product here, but different product) is a great choice. It’s very basic, but it’s compact, easy to fit anywhere, and gives you accurate gram and ounce food measurements.

Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale
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